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Megatrend-Map shows digital Drivers

The Megatrend-Map currently published by the Zukunftsinstitut shows the twelve central trends of our time. They are intended to represent the biggest drivers of change that influence all aspects of the economy and society. Flowing, constantly changing, with central nodes and points of orientation – that is what makes trends. Over and over again there are overlaps, parallels and changes; in the short, medium and long term. For several years now, the Zukunftsinstitut has been observing and evaluating the effects on society and the economy, which also result from digitization.

The Megatrend-Map is intended to illustrate these processes of change. It creates a framework to make the many simultaneous processes tangible in their complexity. It traces networks and points of intersection where many things come together in order to gain a visual understanding of individual phenomena and interrelationships.

The growth Drivers

The great influence that new technologies have is also evident in the Megatrend-Map. The coming changes and challenges that will affect society as a result of the digital transformation are illustrated by the following keywords, among others: “Open Innovation”, “Predictive Analytics”, “Internet of Things”, “Trust Technology”, as well as “Collaboration”, “Augmented Reality” or “AI”. They are a central element of the Trend-Map and thus a signpost for future developments.

The importance of quality assurance through test automation and agile test management will therefore continue to grow rapidly. The demand for professional services already exceeds the market. For companies, this means analyzing industry-specific trends in a timely manner and identifying key digital technologies in order to be able to sustainably develop new markets and potential AND not to miss the “train” on the way to the future.

Download MegatrendMap (Source: Zukunftsinstitut)

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