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  • Announcement: New aqua Release 20.1

    24. July 2020

    aqua 20.1 brings you some new features and improvements! The new release focuses on improving usability and making working with aqua even easier. New: Improved test scenarios The overview of test cases in test scenarios has been further refined and now offers the possibility to customize the view with filters, grouping or sorting, as you […]

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    Announcement: New aqua Release 20.0

    12. February 2020

    We kick off 2020 with a brand-new aqua release. aqua 20.0 focuses on improving test management and making the lives of testers and test managers easier. New: Better Test Planning – Assign Testers to Test Cases in Test Scenarios. Test planning in test scenarios just got better. We introduced a new field “tester” that helps […]

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    The Top 5 Programming Languages

    27. January 2020

    If you want to be a designer rather than a spectator of the digital change, there is no way around the most popular programming languages. Because the “zeros” and “ones” have long since become the international “language” of the future. Development teams all over the world communicate in this way. GitHub or Stack Overflow are […]

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    5 Application Areas of AI in Softwaretesting

    23. January 2020

    Artificial Intelligence on the Rise For several years now, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been considered trend-setting technologies. Reliable software for self-driving cars or further developments in robot technology would hardly be possible without AI and ML. It is therefore no surprise that leading global companies such as Tesla or Google are […]

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    Meet us @ SAEC Days 2020

    16. January 2020

    We will be on site with a special presentation AI and Machine Learning – two terms that appear again and again in the digitalised world. Especially in software products, both of these terms often pop up among the features and promise not only a modern solution but also great advantages for the user. It is […]

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    Megatrend-Map shows digital Drivers

    08. January 2020

    The Megatrend-Map currently published by the Zukunftsinstitut shows the twelve central trends of our time. They are intended to represent the biggest drivers of change that influence all aspects of the economy and society. Flowing, constantly changing, with central nodes and points of orientation – that is what makes trends. Over and over again there […]

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    Agile Test Management meets DevOps

    19. December 2019

    The processes in software development never stand still. Again and again, new approaches and trends emerge, which are supposed to bring more efficiency, higher quality or more frequent releases. Over time, two of these developments have left the “trend” status and have become an integral part of many projects. Both agile development and DevOps are […]

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    How service virtualisation works with aqua

    06. December 2019

    Our digital world is becoming more and more networked. At the latest since the home washing machine can be controlled comfortably from the workplace and real-time tracking of the Amazon package is possible, we have arrived at the age of the “IoT – Internet of Things”. The result: Quality assurance is becoming more and more […]

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    3 Questions for rku.it

    03. December 2019

    Karin Deutscher, Project Manager rku.it, explains in an interview why the quality of test management is decisive for the service provider in the energy sector and what role security, transparency and agility play in this.   You became aware of aqua through a tender process. What was the most important reason for you to work […]

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    Video Academy: Quickly informed

    25. November 2019

    According to the motto “Quickly informed”, we let our test experts speak for themselves. Because the best product is worthless without the user. This is why aqua experts regularly inform about test insides in webinars and video training sessions. So you can take a look at aqua at any time. We explain how aqua makes […]

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