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  • Defect Management with aqua

    The defect management solves many of the existing problems of a large and confusing defect backlog. There are often too many obsolete defects that are not reproducible due to poor documentation and that no longer reflect the current system. Analyzing them would take too much time. Moreover, the traceability between requirement, test case and defect is often lacking, which complicates an effective analysis and rapid reproduction.

    Describing defects!

    Defect management within aqua offers comprehensive documentation options and integrable execution protocols. Backed by the visual traceability and a professional search, duplicates and obsolete defects can be prevented. You can easily and quickly select the existing defects of a subsystem and focus on them for further processing.


    Complying with workflows!

    An individual workflow reflecting different user rights determines the current status and supports comprehensive documentation. Defects can be assigned to developers for analysis and development in order to continuously maintain the focus and to quickly minimise defect costs. Various comment functions concerning descriptions, notes, solutions and repetitive procedures can be generated quickly and easily. Every comment and attachment remains within aqua during the working process, enabling a comprehensive and continuous documentation.

    Workflow Designer

    Identifying risks!

    The connection with requirements enables a detailed risk analysis. This ensures that your application’s basic functions do not have any known defects prior to being delivered to your customer.

    Pie Chart

    Simplifying confirmation testing

    The automated connection to interconnected test cases facilitates re-testing and also offers security in later regression testing ensuring such a defect will never reoccur. Via the connection to test cases, you can also ensure the successful re-testing of all defect removals. This does not only increase the quality of your application but also boosts customer satisfaction according to the motto “you learn from your mistakes“.


    Committing to the removal of defects!

    Release planning within aqua makes binding statements and predictions possible. You can thus make binding commitments to your customer as to whether a defect can be removed and when. The automated creation of release notes completes the incident management within aqua and saves important resources. Create the release notes in a format of your choice, in PDF, HTML or other standard formats.


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