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  • Dashboard and Reporting in aqua

    Reports at the push of a button

    Create professional reports such as status reports, release notes, summaries for your superiors and others at the push of a button. Comfortably export these reports into standard formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel and Word. With aqua reporting, there are no boundaries. For this purpose, we have integrated a complete reporting module in order to calculate and individually summarise all relevant information from current projects.

    Visualise information in a compacted manner

    aqua helps you, for example, to visualise the current state of automated processes. These can be illustrated in an easy-to-read format such as bar graphs, circle diagrams, radar charts and scatter diagrams or in form of tables. This helps you to optimise and continuously improve procedures and to quickly implement any necessary measures.

    Test Status

    Integrated report designer

    Report templates are reusable elements, which are populated with live-data when the report is created. This ensures you are always on top of things. They are easily and quickly created by means of drag & drop within aqua’s integrated report designer. Diagrams and tables are produced with the help of support assistants. Project data can be filtered and selected within the report template as well as according to your own criteria during the creation of the report. aqua thus enables consolidated reports comprising data relevant to you.

    Report Designer

    Information in real time

    The aqua dashboard provides you with project information in real time. For example, circle diagrams demonstrate how many of your requirements have already been implemented. Bar diagrams show how many open defects currently exist and how severe these are. Based on these diagrams you receive a detailed listing via drill down showing which defects remain open; you can classify these according to severity and allocate them to your development team with high priority. Additionally, you gain an overview of your product’s quality and can list how many test cases were successful or unsuccessful and whether new requirements have already been tested.


    Focussing on what is important – diagram filters

    Diagram filters allow you to focus on what is important for you. Get an overview of requirements, test cases and defects that were directly allocated to you or use a filter according to the current release. Together with the freely definable properties of requirements, test cases, and defects, the dashboard can make the most of its strong points!


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