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  • Test Automation Control with aqua

    Test management is aqua’s main focus

    First of all, manual test cases can be easily expanded and combined using various test automation tools. Choose which steps are to be carried out by test automation tools in the aqua step planner.

    Two quick examples:

    • Example 1: deployment with smoke tests
      • aqua starts a deployment in Jenkins (Jenkins CI connector)
      • aqua starts Shell / Unix scripts for the distribution of software packages (Shell / Unix agent)
      • aqua starts SoapUI interface testing (SOAP UI agent)
      • You will find all deployment results directly in aqua (grid, dashboard and reports)
    • Example 2: registration and all components test:
      • aqua starts Selenium script, e.g. registration of a user via web browser (Selenium via Powershell Agent)
      • aqua starts Ranorex script, e.g. registration of a user via Android and iPhone (Ranorex agent)
      • aqua starts a database query to delete a user (database agent)
      • You will find all deployment results directly in aqua (grid, dashboard and reports)

    Integration of various automation agents

    As described, various automation tools can be combined. In doing so, you can control all relevant tools using a single solution and will immediately receive the consolidated results of the individual tests. Once the test automation strategy is devised, you can operate the test cases via various agents from within aqua. Agents are interfaces between the aqua server and a test automation tool. Orders are controlled from within aqua and the results written back into aqua. The definition of the environment, the pool of agents, and the selection of individual agents are determined by the user. Tests can be conducted simultaneously on different agents. Thus, you will receive the results of your test executions much faster. Your test automation comprising of a 1000 test cases normally taking 60 minutes can be reduced to 15 minutes by introducing 4 agents.

        • jira-agent

    Test scenarios can be executed using aqua

    Execution planning enables automated controlling in recurring cycles for specific tests (regression tests). Your system can be compiled faster using a Continuous Integration strategy with Jenkins. aqua helps you distribute these packages more rapidly to various environments and then test them faster. The test automation with different technologies can also be initiated directly following each successful deployment using Jenkins. Due to the parallel test automation on several selected processors and defined environments, results of the test scripts become transparent more quickly. As a consequence, defects can be eliminated immediately. This leads to a significant reduction in failure costs. A test case can be combined with several test scripts, which are carried out sequentially. Different scenarios can therefore be tested automatically using various tools.

    Test execution results can be mapped in reports

    For this purpose, you first have to create templates (per drag & drop) defining which information from aqua should be included in the report. Diagrams and tables can be added individually. Reports can be exported into various formats (HTML, pdf, excel…). Consequently, you are able to quickly and accurately communicate with all required addressees.

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