The best product is worthless without the user.
That’s why we help test teams stay fit in agile test management.

Webinars & Trainings

Join in when our experts explain what makes aqua so special. All our webinars can be found here in retrospect.

aqua4Jira Plugin

aqua4Jira extends Jira by exactly those features, which are missing in Jira for an optimal test management. Benefit from easy setup, meaningful reporting and full traceability.

Customize your view in aqua

aqua adapts to your needs. Learn how to create filters for your elements in aqua.

Defect Management in aqua

Defect management within aqua offers comprehensive documentation options and integrable execution protocols. Backed by the visual traceability and a professional search, duplicates and obsolete defects can be prevented.

Test execution in aqua

aqua makes your test management easy and understandable. See how easy it is to execute your tests!

Parameterize Tests in aqua

Parameterized tests are a good way to define and run multiple test cases, where the only difference between them is the data. See how easy it is to parameterize your tests with aqua.

Test steps in aqua

Test cases can be precisely defined in individual steps and implemented step by step. Thus, other testers also know what to do when a colleague is on holiday or when a student is assisting in the testing of your quality assurance during term break.

Create test cases

Using aqua test management, you can structure test cases and manage them in projects in a well-arranged manner with revision security.

aqua 19 Release

Just in time for the turn of the year, the new aqua 19 comes out and brings better functionality to make your test life easier! Work faster in testing and configuration!

Success Stories

Our partners manage 1000+ test projects in aqua. Together we test the digital future.

Technology Industry

Spacewell Germany has been conducting software tests with aqua for over five years. For the user this ensures a constant stability of the programs. In addition, it facilitates certification according to IDW-PS-880.

Energy Industry

For, as the IT specialist for energy companies, the best quality for their IT customer projects is decisive. That’s why they rely on aqua for the control of complex test scenarios.


We stand for visionary thinking beyond our horizon. We want to actively shape the future – instead of just watching. Because quality is the best feature.

Digitalization in art (Part1/3)

This series of talks examines the effects of digitization on our society and art. Interview with gallery owner Dirk Geuer, director of Geuer & Geuer Art.

Digitalization in art (Part2/3)

In an interview with the artist Leon Löwentraut we discuss Instagram, Black Mirror and how new technologies are changing the landscape of the creative industries.

Digitalization in art (Part3/3)

In an interview with Harald Schütz, representative of Geuer & Geuer Art, we talk about his leap from telecommunications to art and the impact of the economy on society.

German Testing Day 2019

A highlight in the world of IT quality assurance is the annual German Testing Day. In 2019 we were present in Frankfurt in double power – with our consulting and aqua team.