Secure migration of your data

Leading test teams rely on smart solutions for quality assurance. High costs, missing integrations or bad usability are a thing of the past with aqua.

It’s time for a change, NOW!

  • We ensure a fast and complete migration of your data.
  • The revision security of your data is completely preserved
  • Thanks to migration tools and years of experience, a changeover is done in an amazingly short time

Benefits of data migration

Out-of-the-box Integrations

The aqua Open API already integrates over 10 tools for requirements management and automated testing. The list includes Jira, JMeter, and SoapUI. You can connect anything else with REST API within aqua’s data migration solution.

Agile Workflows

aqua supports agile methodology for QA and development, bringing the flexibility and frequent deliveries of modern IT. Use project planning module to combine Agile with Waterfall or the V-model if needed.


Intuitive, smart and structured tool for data migration: aqua has a lot to offer in terms of operability. The interface is multilingual and barrier-free. We have an extensive aqua wiki and human customer support to help you navigate aqua.

Switching to aqua is quick and easy!

Do you use the Micro Focus Quality Center (HPQC) or other test tools? We help you to increase your test efficiency and migrate your data in a revision-proof way. Even very large projects and strict regulations are no obstacle. Read the HPQC switch success story!

Clients who trust their projects to aqua
These customers have already migrated successfully

aqua offers a connection to our existing tools such as J-Meter, Jira and SoapUI. We were able to successfully replace Testlink with it and have received an impressive transparency over the entire QA.”

Jörg Großmann
Development Manager, Bank 11
What’s the catch? There is none!
Here are three of the most common mistakes we have already heard from companies:

It is too difficult to migrate all the test data.


We ensure a fast and complete migration of your data to aqua. Projects of any size can be migrated by us without any problems. Our developers have designed their own migration tool, which reads out all data, converts it into a suitable form and writes it to aqua. Even the revision security is completely preserved.


It is too expensive and time-consuming to set up all integrations with aqua.


With aqua’s open API, a wide variety of tools can be integrated out-of-the-box in requirements, test and defect management. For example, the open source tools JMeter and SoapUI for test automation.


It will take weeks and a lot of training to make the team comfortable with aqua.


Using the intuitive, well-structured and multilingual software interface ensures a high level of acceptance and efficient work among users. Experience has shown that advanced testers can master most of aqua’s functions after just a few hours.