aqua Integrations: aqua + the tools you love

aqua takes a dual approach to integrations. We offer 11 out-of-the-box integrations plus REST API to hook all your favorite tools.

aqua integrations

aqua takes a dual approach to integrations. We offer 11 out-of-the-box integrations plus REST API to hook all your favorite tools.

Here are the tools that are integrated with aqua cloud:


Link individual aqua test cases to JIRA issues, create issues for JIRA in aqua, and even execute aqua test cases within Jira. Go further and create a real-time two-way link between your JIRA and aqua projects.

PowerShell & UnixShell

Perform shell tests and utilize shell scripts no matter the OS


Automate testing for your web, mobile, and desktop software


Harness continuous integration and continuous delivery with industry’s leading automation server


Utilize a well-established solution for automating functional and regression testing


Run load testing enhanced by dozens of third-party plugins

Database MSSQL

Automate database testing for databases powered by MSSQL


Nail manual and automated API testing

Database Oracle

Automate database testing for databases powered by Database Oracle and MySQL

Custom integrations with REST API

You can connect aqua with any other tool that your company uses for testing or any other purpose. Here are just some ideas for using this connection:

✅ Access information from items or test executions
✅ Create new items and modify them
✅ Manage user administration
✅ Create test executions
✅ Automate recurring tasks via scripts
✅ Easily manipulate large amounts of data (e.g. assign thousands of users to a project)
✅ Create interfaces with in-house or third-party systems & automation tools

aqua’s REST API is built for maximum connectivity. It conforms to the Open API standards designed for smooth integration, quick migration, and smooth transition to other tools. Documentation for our solution is over 600 pages and still gets updated.

👉  Browse aqua REST API documentation

We are here to help

We have streamlined migration to aqua so you can get started as soon as one day. It doesn’t end here. Our human customer support will help you with connecting tools through both aqua integration testing software and REST API. Feel free to ask your questions about aqua’s integrations (or anything else) before you make the decision.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at +49 (0)221 4744101 49

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