Save 25% of QA time with AI-powered test management solution

See requirements that need coverage, make tests, prioritise them, and monitor your QA success with next-level reports and dashboards

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aqua is the ultimate solution for the entire testing lifecycle


Control your test coverage to update QA scope in seconds

Use aqua’s requirements view to see requirements that are not covered by tests. Check if existing test cases are up-to-date in one click


Use aqua AI to save hours on filling test coverage gaps

Trust our AI Copilot to create missing tests and save your valuable time. Also, cover more edge cases than ever in just a few minutes with the best test management tool for high-volume projects


Keep all tests in a single solution to boost synergy

Run tests directly from aqua or set up integrations with industry-leading tools: Selenium, JMeter, Ranorex, SoapUI & more. Use REST API to connect any other tool — aqua empowers you, not limits your options

Run nested test cases

Create productivity-driving dashboards and act on emergencies

Visualise any data from your testing and development to track trends and draw insights. Make KPI alerts to never miss a surge in failing tests

Use dashboards with KPI alerts to see maturity

Make custom reports to provide the perfect level of detail

Use a truly magical Report Wizard to create and deliver reports with charts, any external data & media, custom scripts and more. Scale up from 2 figures for an executive summary to a full QA overview


Easily go from clear insights to double-digit improvements

Use AI to prioritise tests that matter more. Spot duplicates to shorten the testing cycle. Track execution history to see if bug fixes helped

AI find and prioritise essential tests

Make test management more practical than ever

Enjoy extra value no matter the job title

Good bug reporting benefits everyone on the software team and beyond

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  • Enjoy expert features to handle entire QA cycle It’s more than a fancy test editor: aqua has you covered from estimating the scope to executing tests, analysing reports, and dealing with anomalies
  • Save hours with AI aqua's AI copilot learns from your test suite to make relevant test cases or complete yours. Auto-prioritisation and duplicate removal are available as well
  • Eliminate slow communication with a web testing tool Use Capture to report test results and file defects directly to aqua with visual proof and technical details. This saves your team at least 15% of man hours per week
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  • Let devs see tests as if they were doing them The test recording functionality raises the bar for context from bug reports. Your developers will always have video/screenshots, timestamped action log, and hardware info available right in the software test management tool
  • Reduce friction by introducing early testing Give devs aqua’s AI copilot to generate and scale up unit tests that will reveal bugs before they even talk to QA
  • Work your way Customise aqua projects to suit specialised needs of your QA and development teams needs. Let them manage workload separately and overlap where needed
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  • Replace costly tools without compromise Make aqua your all-in-one solution for test management, bug tracking, requirements management, and project management
  • Stay compliant with little effort Ace (sub)contractor regulatory requirements with simplified & automated compliance. You won’t need to spend extra dozens of hours to make bug reports detailed enough for regulatory audits
  • Reclaim your profits Improve the bottom line by up to 5% with superior and efficient quality assurance
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Test management software for any industry

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🏦 Banking

Banks launch new applications and make high-volume operations paperless 60% faster

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🛡️ ️Insurance

Insurance companies retain double the clients when tackling digitalisation challenges responsibly


🖥️ Tech

After 20 years of consulting, we know how to speed up testing in IT companies by 30+% better than anyone else


🏭 Manufacturing

When margins get slim, eliminating software defects can get manufacturers up to 3% of revenue back


🏛️ Government

79% of government organisations fail to find the right IT vendors, so good QA goes a long way


🩺 Medical

aqua complies with all medical-specific standards so that your software does, too



Only one day!

We developed a migration solution that drastically reduces migration time to as fast as one day on average



huge data volumes



explicit compliance regulations



Revision security throughout the migration



Expanded File history right after the migration is done


Proven quality over 13 years


“Manual test cases are easily automated with aqua. Seamless integration with test automation tools helps here.”

Dennis Seidel
QA Specialist, megapharm

“The aqua support and development team is a reliable partner for the implementation of the customer requirements of the KBA.”

Jörn-Hendrick Sörensen
Test Manager, KBA

“I was surprised to find such a comprehensive and mature tool for test management in the German market without having taken it seriously beforehand.”

Jörg Großmann
Head of Development, Bank 11

Shorten release cycles by 43% with advanced test management tool


What is a test management solution?

Test management solution is the primary hub for all software testing activities. It is used to create, store, execute, and analyse test cases. In modern solutions, you can also leverage integrated frameworks for automated testing, utilise integrations with third-party solutions, and even use AI to generate new tests.

Which tool is used for test management?

There is a number of test management solutions, and some even go back to the 1990s. The latest trend is using AI algorithms similar to ChatGPT for test generation and test management. The most feature-rich solution here is aqua: you can narrate requirements, create tests for them, and do prioritisation — all with AI.

What is the difference between test case management solution and a test management solution??

Test management solutions have a greater scope. They validate test coverage, dictate the flow of expanding the test suite, orchestrate large-scale test execution, make different testing tools work together, and handle QA insights.

Does my test management solution need AI?

AI is a great aid for test management. It can help you to spot duplicate tests, prioritise tests based on their impact, and get rid of tests that rarely fail. Bleeding edge solutions like aqua can even quickly generate tests with AI for you. 

Can I manage my tests with Excel?

Using Excel as your test management solution is a relic of the past. It is a very slow, non-cooperative, and unsecure way of ensuring that your software runs well. Versioning is very much prone to human error. Last but not least, regulators these days increasingly challenge the use of outdated IT tools during their audits.