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Make testing faster than humanly possible

aqua AI will turn your QA ideas into tests faster than one could ever write them

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Discover the revolutionary changes in testing with AI and learn how your QA can be more efficient and precise


of companies reduced costs within 1 year of adopting AI


hrs/user testing with AI saves per week


of AI test cases require no extra human input


of extra revenue earned by companies leveraging AI in software testing


of companies increase AI usage in testing to optimise resources

Only 7%

of vendors offer AI in QA tools

Create requirements and update test cases in one click - with AI

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Say a word to create complete requirement

Easily translate your ideas into comprehensive documents within seconds by simply speaking or giving a few tips to AI Copilot. Whether it's a PRD, User Story, or BDD, with AI Copilot you can easily create the documents you need

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Create entire test case from a requirement

Launch aqua’s AI Copilot while browsing a requirement to get a complete test case covering it. 42% of generated tests won’t need any tweaks

Create entire test case from a requirement

Update tests and expand requirements your way

Use the AI Copilot to refresh entire items or individual sections. No restrictive auto-prompts: you tell the AI what and how to change. Maintaining your test suite with AI saves at least 12.8 hrs/week for each tester

Update tests and expand requirements your way

Get validation and inspiration from QA-tuned chat bot

Use the chat bot to directly interact with our custom AI algorithm that goes beyond ChatGPT. Ask for QA suggestions, show the bot your test drafts, and complete the entire test case or requirement in no time. This is 10x faster than searching the same question

Get validation and inspiration from QA-tuned chat bot
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Find and prioritise essential tests

Utilise aqua AI to identify tests that historically give you the highest number of severe issues. Auto-create test scenarios that group impactful tests and spare yourself time on executing flaky tests

Automating test execution is old news: automate EVERYTHING instead

Get much more than just AI in software testing tool

Banking-grade traceability

Vast regulatory compliance

Unlimited number of free basic licences (perfect for manual QA)

REST API support

1-day migration

Unlimited ticket capacity

Solid QA-Developer communication

Frequent feature updates

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Companies that want to keep up with digital change trust in aqua.


“Manual test cases are easily automated with aqua. Seamless integration with test automation tools helps here.”

Dennis Seidel
QA Specialist, megapharm

“The aqua support and development team is a reliable partner for the implementation of the customer requirements of the KBA.”

Jörn-Hendrick Sörensen
Test Manager, KBA

“I was surprised to find such a comprehensive and mature tool for test management in the German market without having taken it seriously beforehand.”

Jörg Großmann
Head of Development, Bank 11

Make testing faster and release cycles shorter, with aqua AI


Do I need to purchase aqua AI copilot separately?

aqua AI Copilot is currently in open beta, and it is available for all cloud users for free without any limitations.

After the beta period is over, there will be a mix of free and paid AI capabilities. The announcement of the prices and feature package will be released 2 months before introducing the plans and costs.

How do I access aqua AI copilot?

It is automatically unlocked for new teams. If you signed up before March 2023, please contact support@aqua-cloud.io to get access.

Is aqua AI Copilot in beta?

aqua AI Copilot is in public beta. We are constantly rolling out new features and adapting the latest GPT improvements to suit QA & development needs better.

How is AI Copilot different from ChatGPT or any other AI tool?

Integration with aqua: aqua AI Copilot is fully integrated into the aqua platform, making it seamlessly part of your workflow. It operates with your data, which is only utilized when triggering AI Copilot features. In contrast, other AI services, such as ChatGPT, may not have this level of integration and data control.

Data Usage: Unlike some AI services that use your interactions to train their models, aqua AI Copilot does not employ your data for model training. Your data remains private and solely serves the purpose of enhancing your aqua experience.

Unique Algorithms: aqua AI Copilot employs proprietary algorithms tailored for requirements and test case generation. This results in the generation of comprehensive data that minimizes the need for extensive post-adjustments, setting it apart from other AI tools.

Enhancing QA and Project Management: aqua’s overarching goal is to elevate AI capabilities in quality assurance and project management. By focusing on saving time and enhancing productivity without displacing human work, aqua AI Copilot aims to empower users to achieve more within the same timeframe.

aqua AI Copilot offers a unique, integrated, and privacy-conscious approach to AI-driven requirements and test case generation, aligning with aqua’s mission to enhance productivity and efficiency in QA and project management.

How does aqua AI Copilot use my data?

aqua Cloud GmbH adheres to Privacy Principles and corporate values across all its products and services.
Rest assured that all data within aqua is subject to encryption, rigorous security measures, and a commitment to privacy. Our adherence to standard data protection practices is detailed in our Data Processing Agreement.
It’s important to note that aqua does not utilise your data for training our models unless you explicitly consent to share your data when requested.
Any information you provide for AI Copilot purposes is exclusively shared with our trusted partners for the sole objective of delivering the aqua AI Copilot functionality.

Where do I submit my feedback?

Send any issues and feature requests to support@aqua-cloud.io. We love your input on everything in aqua, not just the AI copilot.

How is AI used in software testing?

Artificial intelligence is primarily used generating comprehensive testing documentation, crafting sophisticated automation scripts, and intelligently analyzing data for optimization and refinement. This integration ensures faster, more comprehensive testing while still valuing human expertise and critical thinking.

What are the benefits of AI in the aqua testing tool?

With aqua, AI simplifies and elevates your testing process. From producing comprehensive requirements and test cases with minimal input to refining test documentation via an AI chatbot. Aqua AI can also intelligently prioritize test cases and eliminate duplicate defects. Moreover, the upcoming feature will empower users to convert test cases into automated scripts across multiple programming languages.

Is there a roadmap for the future AI Capabilities?

While we are committed to continually enhancing aqua’s AI Copilot capabilities, we do not disclose specific details of our future plans at this time.
However, we want our users to be at the forefront of these advancements. To that end, all new features and capabilities developed by aqua cloud GmbH will be added to the beta version periodically and available automatically to all beta users. This allows our users to explore and experience these innovations firsthand, providing valuable feedback that helps shape the future of aqua’s AI capabilities. We are excited to have you as part of this journey as we work to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs.

Help us understand how AI can solve your pain of testing? Contact us at support@aqua-cloud.io.

What is the future of using AI in software testing?

The future of AI in software testing lies in automating complex tasks, predicting potential defects before they arise, and personalizing test strategies based on historical data. As AI evolves, it will further reduce manual intervention, ensuring faster and more accurate testing outcomes.