Success stories of our business partners

Spacewell | Technology Industry

Spacewell Germany is a leading software developer of real estate management solutions. The software products iX-Haus and iX-Haus plus enable the commercial and technical management of real estate of all asset classes during the usage phase.
10 mln €


The Spacewell products iX-Haus and iX-Haus plus enable the management of real estate during use. This requires a test case management tool that meets the following requirements:

  1. Adherence to high security standards, including those of the banking and insurance industry (IDW-PS-880).
  2. Control of test automation based on comprehensive test management.
  3. Improvement of efficiency and quality in test execution.


  1. Implementation of the module “Test Management” including a 4-fold validation of the test scenarios through automated testing.
  2. Ensuring compliance with the high regulatory requirements (IDW-PS-880), including traceability of project history.
  3. Ensuring consistent data and effective test control with individual connection to automation agent (Ranorex).
  4. Implementation of an early warning system for failed test cases by setting up automated emails.


The certification according to IDW-PS-880 by the external audit ran absolutely smoothly. During the inspection not only the test is checked, but also the development and the test process. Thanks to the tracability ensured by aqua, the complete test procedure could be documented and traced in a sustainable manner.
A more effective project management of the test case data is now also possible – as well as agile team collaboration by exchanging the relevant test data. The assured high quality of its own software has become a decisive sales argument and competitive advantage for Spacewell Germany.

Productive test cases every week
Test cases per year
Certified in accordance with IDW-PS-880
Slavcho Mavrodiev

Head of Software Development

"Due to the modular test structure, there are no limits to the test fantasy with aqua."

Fiducia & GAD | Finance Industry

Fiducia & GAD IT AG is the service provider for information technology within the cooperative financial group. The aim of the company is to strengthen the success of its customers through competitive IT solutions and services.
1,6B €
Maintained banks


  1. Standardization of the tool landscape for test management.
  2. Migration of the extensive software projects from the HP (Micro Focus) Quality Center into an agile and sustainable testing solution.
  3. Replace the internal test management solution based on IBM Notes.


  1. Development of an own migration tool which reads all data from the Quality Center, converts it into a suitable form and writes it to aqua.
  2. Thanks to special methods, the file history of each element is preserved and thus ensures revision security throughout the migration.
  3. Ensuring the complete project history in the “Test executions” and “Results” areas for at least ten years fulfilled.


The aqua migration tool has proven itself in the enormous size of this project and can therefore also be used in the future for migrations from the Quality Center to aqua of any size. The migration of the production environment could take place in live operation, which meant that no downtimes were necessary. The most important test data of by far the largest project could be migrated to aqua in less than 2 days.

Migrated Quality Center projects
7 mio+
Migrated Elements
Preservation of revision security
Faster migration than a QC upgrade with data transfe
Stefan Halstenberg

Product Owner Testing Tools

"I was impressed by the fact that such a large project with data transfer ran relatively more smoothly than a version upgrade of the Quality Center with project migration. We are happy to have chosen aqua."

RKU.IT | Technology Industry

RKU.IT is the IT specialist for energy companies. This is why RKU.IT is constantly developing, adapting and testing individual IT software products for its customers.
59 Mio €


RKU.IT is a leading service provider for the utilities industry, providing its customers with IT operations and developing individual application solutions. A new expert tool for test management was needed.

  1. Compliance with regulatory requirements (MaKo2020)
  2. Option of seamless integration of own software (Omnitracker)
  3. Control of complex test data of different customer projects in one application
  4. Transparency over the complete test coverage (incl. positive test execution)


  1. Agile integration of aqua in all external customer projects
  2. Implementation of the modular element “test case management” incl. sample template for test case catalogs, which can be used for all customer projects as well as individually
  3. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements (MaKo 2020) through traceability of the project history ensured
  4. A bidirectional interface for integrating the Omnitracker ensures consistent data and effective project management.


Compliance with the regulatory requirements is verifiably ensured. In addition, RKU.IT benefits from more effective project management for the test case data of its customer projects. aqua also enables agile customer collaboration by the exchange of test data. This makes the test management software indispensable for the customer and for as a service provider.
All in all, aqua has enabled an unexpected transparency of the test status and scope, as positive test results are also documented. This increases the quality of case processing!

Data security for the regulatory requirement MaKo ‘20
Test projects managed
Individual test case catalogs created
of all RKU customers work with aqua
Karin Deutscher

Project Manager

"The simple handling and agility with regard to interfaces and test automation make the test process much easier for us.."