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Create requirements, manage automation tools, track bugs, and share custom reports. Use aqua's AI assistant to auto-create test steps, prioritise tests, and remove duplicates

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aqua cloud

aqua is a single solution for all your QA management needs


Requirements Management

Manage requirements, features, and use cases. Your requirements will be automatically linked with test cases and defects for better traceability.

Requirements Management

Test Case Management

Manage, plan and execute test cases in a structured, clear and audit-proof manner. See history of past test runs for traceability and improvements

Test case management

Bug Tracking

Quickly record and track defects in the aqua Chrome extension. aqua links documented defects with your test cases, so it is easier to trace them during regression testing and compare actual results

Bug tracking

Automation hub

Use aqua for managing different manual and automated QA tools in one place. Visualise data in reports to see test execution and defect status in no time

Automation hub

Agile management with Scrum boards

Add test cases to the backlog, then introduce them to your sprints or create separate QA sprints for better planning and prioritisation

Agile management

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Making the QA process transparent has never been easier

🕝 History
📋️ Test values
🖇️ Dependencies
🖥️️ System logging
🔐 Roles and permissions
👩‍💻 Workflow
💬 Discussions

🕝 History of items

Track any changes to tickets and know when they happened. Go back and forth to compare changes in content.

History of Items

📋️ Test values

Define the test data to parametrise your test cases and make the tests more coherent and manageable.

Test values

🖇️ Dependencies between the items

Quickly view the dependencies between the items across your project and see their relation status at a glance. Your user stories & requirements will be automatically linked with test cases and defects for better traceability.


🖥️️ System logging

View and control actions in the system: who resets passwords, changes the roles or licences, adds a member to a project. Track who makes changes to the organisation and the structure of projects or folders.

System logging

🔐 Roles and permissions

Assign appropriate roles to your team members. Enable multiple permissions for them to perform certain tasks. Work in aqua cloud or use on-premise.

Roles and permissions

👩‍💻 Workflow

Define a mandatory workflow for your team to reduce the risk of skipping required steps. Follow the project process from A to Z.


💬 Discussions

Create new discussions and work collaboratively with your team on requirements, test cases, and test scenarios.

Making the QA process transparent has never been easier
aqua AI robot

Make aqua AI Copilot save up to 12.8 hours/week for every specialist

Create a test case from a requirement

Launch aqua’s AI assistant while browsing a requirement to get a complete test case covering it


Auto-create description based on test steps

If you enter test steps, aqua will make you a test case description. The algorithm uses information about aqua TMS’ workspace to apply the right context

AI auto-create description based on test steps

Auto-create test steps based on the description

Write in plain words what you would like to test — and get auto-generated test steps for your aqua test case

AI Auto-create test steps based on the description

Find and prioritise essential tests

Utilise aqua AI to identify tests that historically give you the highest number of severe issues. Auto-create test scenarios that group impactful tests

AI find and prioritise essential tests


Only one day!

We developed a migration solution that drastically reduces migration time to as fast as one day on average



huge data volumes



explicit compliance regulations



Revision security throughout the migration



Expanded File history right after the migration is done


Proven quality over 13 years


“Manual test cases are easily automated with aqua. Seamless integration with test automation tools helps here.”

Dennis Seidel
QA Specialist, megapharm

“The aqua support and development team is a reliable partner for the implementation of the customer requirements of the KBA.”

Jörn-Hendrick Sörensen
Test Manager, KBA

“I was surprised to find such a comprehensive and mature tool for test management in the German market without having taken it seriously beforehand.”

Jörg Großmann
Head of Development, Bank 11

Speed up releases x2 with aqua

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