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  • Jira Plugin and Synchronization

    Plugin aqua4Jira – Test Management directly in Jira

    Jira is an excellent tool for bug tracking, help desk, agile development planning and control. As a test management tool it is rather unsuitable. aqua4Jira extends Jira by exactly those features, which are missing in Jira for an optimal test management. Benefit from easy setup, meaningful reporting and full traceability.

    • Quick and easy setup
    • Detailed description of test cases
    • Automated test cases
    • Test scenarios
    • Control directly from Jira
    • Full Traceability
    • Regression testing

    Get aqua4Jira

    aqua test cases in Jira elements

    Use manual and automated test cases that are added directly to your Jira elements. As usual from aqua, the test cases integrated in Jira can be described in detail and enriched with additional data. Use the integrated Rich Text Editor and add images, links and other content to your descriptions. Organize your test cases also in test scenarios in order to be able to optimally test even complex situations. Created test cases are automatically linked with defined requirements and documented errors, which guarantees you full traceability in the test process. This guarantees optimized test coverage and thus reduced testing effort.

    Also control automated test cases directly from Jira

    With aqua4Jira you can also control automated test cases directly from your Jira elements and execute them simply at the push of a button. You always have an overview of which test cases are linked to which element and what the current execution status is. In this way you always know which requirements have already been tested and whether the test was successful. The connection of different prefabricated automation agents for this works in aqua as usual quickly and easily. You can also carry out test automation in parallel on several machines and defined environments, whereby the results of the test scripts become transparent more quickly. Benefit from the elimination of countless manual test hours.

    Visualized traceability

    With Jira alone, traceability across different elements such as requirements, test cases and defects is missing. However, test managers are often dependent on a tool-supported evaluation of traceability. Necessary statistics that allow conclusions to be drawn about the test process are otherwise missing. In aqua, you can effortlessly capture all correlations at any time thanks to the automatically generated dependency view. In this way you can immediately see how individual requirements are related to each other, what dependencies exist and whether, for example, conflicts of objectives arise. In order to be able to test effectively, it is necessary to maintain this transparency over the entire QA process.

    Seamless synchronization between aqua and Jira

    From task management to test management

    In addition to the plugin, you have the option of seamlessly connecting aqua with your Jira environment. This synchronization makes it possible to link your projects in aqua and Jira with each other. The configurations are synchronised with a semi-automated synchronisation tool so that the project data and workflows remain constantly synchronised. All changes in aqua and JIRA regarding requirements, errors, epics, user stories or tasks are synchronized bidirectionally. Developers can continue to work with JIRA while test managers and testers are on the road in aqua. So you can take advantage of both systems at the same time and users from both systems can work together smoothly.

    Time saving and avoidance of transmission errors through bidirectional synchronization

    When executing your test cases in aqua, you have the possibility to create errors and then synchronize them with Jira. In aqua you can then use screenshots, videos or other documents to describe these errors in detail. In addition, aqua lets you analyze the dependencies of the errors for reproduction. You recognize all progress in the error development and can react with the help of aqua and JIRA.

    Outstanding reporting

    Through the synchronization you can also use the powerful aqua Reporting to its full extent. With aqua, you receive your reports just as you need them. By Drag & Drop your reports are easily configurable and individually tailored to your needs. The whole thing is even available in more than 10 different output formats (Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and many more), with electronic signature on request.

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