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  • Agile in the Waterfall with aqua

    Become agile!

    Introduce flexibility to your project management. aqua supports agile procedure modules such as SCRUM and offers the flexibility of planning and implementation that state of the art IT projects need. Plan on the planning board together with your team, shift user stories on the virtual sprint board and monitor progress via burn down charts. As easy as using post-its on a whiteboard. Using aqua, SCRUM also becomes accessible for teams at different locations.


    V-Model or agile? We say: it’s all the same!

    Together with aqua’s project planning module, aqua enables agile methods to be combined with classic development models such as the waterfall model or the V-model. The high-level release planning can thus be illustrated in a Gantt chart while your development and test team is working with the sprint board. What’s special about this: the entire development process takes place in one tool! While your team is working with the sprint board, your release plan automatically updates itself in the background. Thus, you always have an up-to-date overview of the state of affairs.

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