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  • Requirements Management with aqua

    What does the software need to achieve in order to perfectly support the business? The unequivocal answer to this is the basis for any successful IT project! Only with distinct targets can developers get to work purposefully, can resources be used efficiently and does the software quality assurance rest on a firm foundation. This is only the first step, however. Management, specialized fields and IT overlooking the requirements during the entire project duration and instantly recognizing connections also pertain to professional requirements engineering.


    Mapping Processes

    If needed, entire processes such as review and approval processes can be mapped in aqua before a requirement goes into development or implementation respectively.


    Generating Test Cases

    With the help of the integrated UML editor, clearly structured and comprehensible UML diagrams complementing your requirements can be easily created. Automated test cases can be generated from these diagrams at the push of a button. This increases test coverage, decreases effort and saves time.


    Tracing Back Whether the Implemented Requirement Was Tested or Shows Defects

    The automated connection of test cases and defects with the requirement creates transparency, retraceability and facilitates communication within the project. This enables efficient communication between all project participants and provides information on the current status of implementation and your product’s quality standard at all times.


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