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Karin Deutscher, Project Manager, explains in an interview why the quality of test management is decisive for the service provider in the energy sector and what role security, transparency and agility play in this.

You became aware of aqua through a tender process. What was the most important reason for you to work with aqua? 

Karin Deutscher: In particular, the clear presentation of test cases and defects was very well received by our customers. In addition, the simple handling as well as the flexibility in terms of interfaces and test automation were very popular. It was crucial for us to use a tool that meets the very specific requirements of all our customers. Looking back, it is also extremely helpful for us to always have a personal contact person.

The simple handling and agility with regard to interfaces and test automation make the test process much easier for us.

Karin Deutscher, Project Manager 

Which requirements are important to you as project managers in test management? 

Karin Deutscher: I need meaningful data and a precise test overview quickly. aqua is therefore a great enrichment for my daily work. So if I had one wish, it would be that all our customers and our own employees work even more with aqua. Because working with aqua leads to high-quality documentation. This increases transparency. In the long term, we can increase the quality of test case processing.
Our goal is for more departments – such as software development – to regularly use aqua within the next few months, because this will reduce internal friction losses and increase efficiency. Especially in busy test periods, where every minute counts, this pays off.

How important is reporting? 

Karin Deutscher: Reporting is extremely important for us and our customers in order to be able to monitor test quantity and quality at any time. So far, only defects have become apparent. Reporting in aqua makes it possible for the first time to recognize processes that have been tested positively. This has a motivating effect – and at the same time reduces the defect rate, because a complete test coverage is possible.

More about the project can be found here.

The interview was conducted by Stephan Ingerberg, Sales Director of the aqua team.

About is the IT specialist for energy companies. This is why is constantly developing, adapting and testing individual IT software products for its customers. The best quality is decisive. This is why also needs a test management tool that meets these quality demands for security, transparency and agility.​

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