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July 9, 2024

15 Best AI Test Management Tools to Try in 2024

Are you tired of the complexities and uncertainties surrounding AI test management? Are you lost among the tools, unsure which one truly fits your needs in this rapidly evolving landscape? Don’t worry. This comprehensive guide unveils the 15 best AI test management tools for 2024. If you are eager to dive into AI in QA, rest assured that by the end of this article, you'll have all the insights and recommendations necessary to propel your testing endeavours to new heights.

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What are the AI test management tools?

Let’s start with what AI test management tools do in modern QA practices. These game-changers offer automation and intelligence to streamline your testing processes. Instead of laboriously crafting test cases, these tools analyse your application and generate them for you. They’re adept at identifying critical areas, allowing you to focus your efforts strategically. Moreover, thanks to AI machine learning in test management, they excel at bug detection. By analysing test results and application behaviour, they flag anomalies, helping you squash bugs before they cause chaos. What’s more, these tools continuously learn and adapt, enhancing their efficacy over time. So, using AI-powered test management software has become a necessity these days. This brings us to its benefits, which we will discuss in the next chapters.

Benefits of using AI test management tools

So, what do you get from using an AI-powered test management tool? For instance, using such a tool might cut the time spent on test case creation by a remarkable 70%.  However, this is just a fraction of the full benefits you will get from quality test management software. The tool you choose in 2024 should be your ticket to supercharging efficiency, boosting quality, and maybe even reclaiming some of your precious time. Let’s not prolong it any longer and start with the benefits you should know: 

  1. Automated Test Case Generation: With AI-powered tools, you can analyse requirements and let them automatically generate test cases for you, saving you time and effort in creating test cases. 
  2. Enhanced Test Coverage: AI algorithms work tirelessly to identify areas of your application that are most prone to defects. By prioritising testing efforts accordingly, you’ll see an improvement in your test coverage. 
  3. Efficient Test Execution: Let AI optimise your test execution by identifying redundant test cases, running tests in parallel, and predicting which tests are most likely to fail based on historical data. This means smoother testing processes for you. 
  4. Faster Bug Detection: AI algorithms analyse your test results in real time, spotting patterns indicative of potential bugs. This enables quicker detection and resolution of issues, putting you ahead of the game. 
  5. Predictive Analytics: You can also use the power of AI to analyse past testing data and predict future defects. This way, you’ll gain insights into trends and potential areas of improvement in your software development process.
  6. Continuous Improvement: With AI test management tools, you’ll constantly learn from testing data and feedback. This means that these tools become more accurate in their predictions and decision-making over time, ensuring that your testing processes are always evolving and improving. 
  7. Resource Optimisation: AI can help you allocate testing resources more efficiently by identifying high-risk areas that require more attention. By reallocating resources accordingly, you can ensure that your testing efforts are focused where needed most, maximising effectiveness and efficiency. 
  8. Reduced Maintenance Costs: By automating repetitive testing tasks and identifying issues early in the development lifecycle, AI test management tools can significantly reduce maintenance costs associated with fixing defects in production. This frees up resources to focus on innovation and improvement rather than firefighting. 
  9. Improved Quality and Time-to-Market: Overall, the use of AI in test management leads to higher-quality software products and faster release cycles. By ensuring that defects are detected and addressed early in the development process, AI empowers you to deliver better software to market more quickly, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and business success.

Enough with the theory, right? Let’s dive into the list of the best tools, then, and help you find the solution for your ultimate test management success in 2024.

1. aqua cloud

There is no way we can start our list with a tool other than aqua cloud – the first solution that brought the power of AI to the QA community. What do you get from using aqua cloud? Well, you get much more than just a test management solution – using aqua is like finally having that experienced QA team member you have always been looking for. Here is what you can do with aqua AI testing software: 

  1. Effortless Test Coverage Control: Update your QA scope in seconds using aqua’s requirements view. Identify uncovered requirements and ensure test cases are up-to-date with one click. 
  2. Unified Testing Solution: Keep all tests in one place. Run tests directly from aqua or integrate with industry-leading tools and frameworks like Jira, Azure Devops, Selenium, JMeter, Ranorex, and SoapUI. Connect any other tool using REST API. 
  3. Productivity-Boosting Dashboards: Visualise testing and development data, track trends, and draw insights. Set up KPI alerts to act swiftly in emergencies. 
  4. Customisable Reporting: Create detailed reports tailored to your needs with Aqua’s Report Wizard. Scale up from executive summaries to comprehensive QA overviews.
  5. AI-Copilot: Prioritise tests effectively with AI assistance. Effortlessly create test cases from requirements. Identify duplicates to shorten testing cycles. Track execution history to assess the impact of bug fixes.

“I loved how easy it was to migrate to aqua. It was our first test management solution, and we liked what we saw in the demo. It took less than a week to get started with the full version. Our testing was a bunch of Excel spreadsheets before, and aqua provides a completely different level of convenience and transparency.”

Anna R. e-commerce manager for small businesses

Did we mention aqua is much more than just a test management tool? aqua’s AI copilot is its magnum opus, and here is why:

1. Effortless Requirement Creation

  • Say a word to create a complete requirement 
  • Easily translate your ideas into comprehensive documents within seconds by simply speaking or giving a few tips to AI Copilot. Whether it’s a PRD, User Story, or BDD, with AI Copilot, you can easily create the documents you need.

2. Streamlined Test Case Generation: 

  • Create an entire test case from a requirement 
  • Launch aqua’s AI Copilot while browsing a requirement to get a complete test case covering it. 42% of generated tests won’t need any tweaks 

3. Flexible Test Maintenance: 

  • Update tests and expand requirements your way
  • Use the AI Copilot to refresh entire items or individual sections. 
  • No restrictive auto-prompts: you tell the AI what and how to change. Maintaining your test suite with AI saves at least 12.8 hrs/week for each tester 

4. Intelligent Test Prioritisation: 

  • Find and prioritise essential tests 
  • Utilise aqua AI to identify tests that historically give you the highest number of severe issues. Auto-create test scenarios that group impactful tests and spare yourself time on executing flaky tests

5. Efficient Collaboration with AI: 

  • Get validation and inspiration from a QA-tuned chatbot 
  • Use the chatbot to interact directly with a custom AI algorithm beyond ChatGPT
  • Ask for QA suggestions, show the bot your test drafts, and complete the entire test case or requirement quickly. This is 10x faster than searching the same question

“Go for aqua cloud. This test management software has everything you need. I was doubtful initially, too, but it outshines TestRail and TestPad completely in terms of ease of use. I don't know why it has remained underrated till now. Has API support, too.”

Debtno8016 Posted in Quality Assurance Reddit thread, 2 months ago

So, it’s up to you to save 25% of your QA time thanks to aqua’s AI-powered test management solution. Seamlessly see requirements needing coverage, create tests, prioritise them, and monitor QA success with next-level reports and dashboards. Maximise every single benefit you can get from a test management solution. Whether you are a test engineer, automation specialist or QA manager – you will find your own value in aqua. Don’t hesitate to take a step towards the future of QA test management with a modern solution.

Turn your QA test management efforts into a breeze

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2. TestGrid

The second tool on our list is TestGrid. It is a comprehensive AI-powered test management solution to streamline the software testing process. It offers features for test planning, execution, defect tracking, and collaboration, all within a centralised platform. With support for manual and automated testing, integration with test automation tools, and robust reporting capabilities, TestGrid facilitates efficient and effective testing efforts. Its scalability and flexibility make it suitable for teams of all sizes and adaptable to various testing methodologies and workflows. 


  1. Comprehensive Feature Set: TestGrid provides a wide range of features to support the entire testing lifecycle, from test planning to execution to defect tracking, enabling teams to manage their testing efforts effectively. 
  2. Integration Capabilities: TestGrid seamlessly integrates with popular test automation tools and CI/CD pipelines, allowing teams to incorporate automated tests and testing processes into their development workflows with ease. 


  1. Learning Curve: Due to its extensive feature set, TestGrid has a steep learning curve for new users, requiring time and effort to understand and utilise its capabilities fully. 
  2. Cost: TestGrid may have a significant cost associated with its licensing or subscription fees, which could be prohibitive for smaller teams or organisations with limited budgets.
  3. Complexity: The complexity of TestGrid’s interface and configuration options overwhelm some users, especially those without prior experience with test management solutions, leading to usability challenges.

“TestGrid impressively offers a wide range of cloud-based devices showcasing its capabilities, but it lacks in providing comprehensive documentation and a user-friendly interface.”

Kosta D. Marketing Consultant

3. Selenium

Selenium is an AI-powered leading automation testing tool used by software development teams to streamline testing processes efficiently. As a versatile solution, Selenium aids teams in automating web application testing, offering robust capabilities for test script creation, execution, and result analysis. It seamlessly integrates with various programming languages, development tools, and frameworks, providing a flexible platform for implementing automated testing strategies. 


  1. Robust Automation Capabilities: Selenium empowers teams to automate web application testing across different browsers and platforms, offering robust support for various web technologies and frameworks. 
  2. Open Source: Being an open-source tool, Selenium provides cost-effective automation solutions, enabling teams to leverage its extensive capabilities without incurring hefty licensing fees. 


  1. Steep Learning Curve: Selenium’s advanced features and programming-centric approach may present a steep learning curve for beginners, requiring time and effort to master its usage effectively. 
  2. Limited Support for Non-Web Applications: Selenium primarily focuses on web application testing and lacks robust support for automating testing of desktop or mobile applications, which may be a limitation for teams working on multi-platform projects.
  3. Maintenance Overhead: Maintaining Selenium test scripts requires ongoing effort, especially when dealing with changes in application UI or underlying code, which can increase maintenance overhead and impact long-term sustainability.

“Selenium supports many programming languages which intern helps easily integrate with existing software systems, but tests are flaky sometimes because of loading/sync issues.”

Arjun B. Senior QA Lead

4. PractiTest

PractiTest is a sophisticated AI-powered test management tool that facilitates comprehensive testing processes for software development teams. It encompasses features for test planning, execution, and defect tracking, offering seamless integration with various development tools and frameworks. With its AI capabilities, PractiTest assists in test case design, prioritisation, and optimisation, enhancing overall testing efficiency. Despite its robust functionality, some users find PractiTest’s pricing model restrictive and its learning curve steep due to its advanced features and customisation options. 


  1. AI-Powered Test Management: PractiTest leverages AI technology to assist in test case design, prioritisation, and optimisation, improving testing efficiency and accuracy. 
  2. Seamless Integration: PractiTest integrates smoothly with popular development tools and frameworks, enabling teams to effortlessly incorporate testing into their existing workflows. 


  1. Restrictive Pricing Model: Some users find PractiTest’s pricing model restrictive, which is a drawback for smaller teams or organisations with limited budgets.
  2. Steep Learning Curve: PractiTest’s advanced features and customisation options result in a steep learning curve for new users, requiring time and effort to understand and utilise its capabilities fully.

“A vast ability to customise a tool, advanced API, but it is a SaaS tool only, would be great to have it on-premises as well.”

David B. QA Expert

5. Katalon TestOps

Katalon TestOps is an AI-driven test management platform designed to streamline testing processes and enhance collaboration among software development teams. It offers features for test planning, execution, and reporting, with AI capabilities for test analytics and optimisation. While Katalon TestOps provides seamless integration with Katalon Studio for test automation, some users report issues with its documentation and limited support for customisations, which may hinder its adoption and scalability. 


  1. AI-Driven Test Analytics: Katalon TestOps utilises AI technology for test analytics and optimisation, enabling teams to gain insights into testing processes and make data-driven decisions. 
  2. Integration with Katalon Studio: Katalon TestOps seamlessly integrates with Katalon Studio for test automation, providing a comprehensive solution for test management and execution. 


  1. Documentation Issues: Some users encounter challenges with Katalon TestOps’ documentation, which affects the onboarding process and hinders the effective utilisation of its features.
  2. Limited Customisation Support: Katalon TestOps has limited support for customisations, which could be a limitation for teams with specific testing requirements or workflows.

“It's a good tool for complete beginners, but after updates, some functionalities suddenly stop working.”

Katerina K. Media Production expert

Noticing any trends? No matter which tool you choose, you are taking a risk. That is why it is crucial to evaluate your choices before you make a decision. Which tool is the easiest to use? Which one fits your needs the best?

In a market cluttered with test management solutions, aqua is a game-changer, addressing the shortcomings of traditional tools while offering unparalleled innovation and efficiency. Unlike its competitors, aqua eliminates the frustration of sluggish performance and integration issues, delivering seamless operations and data integrity. With aqua’s AI Copilot, tedious tasks like test coverage control and optimisation become effortless, saving valuable time and resources. Its unified testing solution streamlines processes by keeping all tests in one place, ensuring cohesion and accessibility across projects. Moreover, aqua’s customisable reporting and productivity-boosting dashboards provide actionable insights tailored to your team’s needs, empowering informed decision-making and swift action.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional test management tools

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In case you need additional AI-powered test management tools, here are ten more honourable mentions with rich features (but still with their drawbacks):

  2. Testim 
  3. TestCraft 
  4. mabl 
  5. Functionize 
  6. Applitools 
  7. Eggplant 
  8. TestProject 
  9. Tricentis Tosca 
  10. ReTest

This is how aqua cloud compares to these tools:

Tool AI Capabilities Integration Ease of Use Customisation Reporting
aqua cloud AI Copilot for test optimisation, test case generation Seamless integration with industry-leading tools Intuitive interface, AI-driven features Highly customisable, AI-driven customisations Customisable reporting with Report Wizard AI for exploratory testing, test automation Integrates with CI/CD pipelines, various frameworks User-friendly interface, AI-driven recommendations Limited customisation options Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Testim AI for test authoring, test maintenance Integrates with popular test frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly, AI assistance for test creation Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with insights
TestCraft AI for test maintenance, test execution optimisation Integrates with various automation frameworks, CI/CD tools Intuitive interface, AI-driven test creation Limited customisation options Customisable dashboards and reports
mabl AI for test creation, test maintenance Integrates with CI/CD pipelines, various frameworks User-friendly interface, AI-powered test creation Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with insights
Functionize AI for test creation, test maintenance Integrates with various frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI assistance for test creation Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with insights
Applitools AI for visual testing, test automation Integrates with popular automation frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI-driven visual testing Limited customisation options Comprehensive visual reporting
Eggplant AI for test automation, test analytics Integrates with various frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI-driven testing Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with analytics
TestProject AI for test automation, test maintenance Integrates with popular frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI assistance for test creation Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with insights
Tricentis Tosca AI for test automation, test case generation Integrates with various frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI-driven test creation Limited customisation options Comprehensive reporting and analytics
ReTest AI for test creation, test maintenance Integrates with various frameworks, CI/CD tools User-friendly interface, AI assistance for test creation Limited customisation options Customisable reporting with insights


The QA market is boiling up with AI-powered test management solutions. The comparison of the above tools gives you more insights into the market and the overall quality of the solutions. So, as you weigh your options and chart the course for your testing journey, remember to consider the ultimate solution – aqua cloud to elevate your testing efforts. How might aqua’s innovative features align with your team’s goals and objectives? The answer lies in exploring the possibilities and making an informed decision based on your unique requirements and preferences.

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