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Nurlan, a QA Coordinator & Quality Standards Officer, takes pride in orchestrating seamless QA operations. His expertise in coordinating QA-focused projects and integrating QA solutions has consistently yielded top-tier client satisfaction.
Aside from a full-time QA coordinator, Nurlan's role involves creating compelling content that educates and informs users about aqua cloud's products and services.
When not working, he can often be found engrossed in a good book, expanding their knowledge on various subjects.

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How to Convert User Stories into Сomprehensive Test Scenarios
In software testing, have you ever struggled with turning user stories into effective test scenarios? We understand—it's a critical task that can feel exhausting, especially when you're aiming to achieve 100% requirement coverage while connecting all the pieces together clearly. Translating user stories into comprehensive test scenarios is key to ensuring nothing slips through the cracks, and it's a challenge you face often. Looking for a comprehensive guide with a step-by-step process and an ultimate solution in it? You are at the right address. This guide will walk you through the process of how to create test scenarios from user stories, helping you bridge the gap between user needs and technical implementation.
14 June 2024
How to Execute Parallel Testing Across Multiple Environments
In software development, ensuring efficiency and reliability across various environments is a significant challenge. So how can you streamline your testing processes to maintain high standards without compromising speed or quality? The answer lies in parallel test execution, enabling you to run multiple tests simultaneously across different environments, drastically reducing the time required for comprehensive testing. So how do you achieve this? Congratulations! Out of all the guides on the web on this topic, you’ve come across the most practical one (with a video explanation). So let’s start.
05 June 2024
aqua cloud Receives IT Management Software Recognition from a Renowned Finance Sector Platform
FinancesOnline, a well-known reputable review software platform, gives aqua cloud the Rising Star Award, marking it for its great work as IT management software in the FinTech sector. This award is given to IT management software brands that have enjoyed a steady growth in the number of loyal customers and happy users for a while now.
31 May 2024
How to Test Cross Browser Compatibility
Are you lost in the labyrinth of testing your website on different browsers, feeling overwhelmed by all the updates, changes, and fixes all the time? We understand it: the struggle is real. Ensuring your website works seamlessly across different browsers is daunting, with each browser presenting unique challenges. That is where cross-browser compatibility testing comes to your help. But how complicated is this testing method? In this guide, we give you the weapon you will need to rock cross-browser compatibility tests.
30 May 2024
Test Prioritisation Strategies for Continuous Deployment Scenarios
In continuous deployment scenarios (CDs), you automate almost every step of the process, including testing. But that does not mean you can approach every step of the testing process the same. In a moment of urgency, how do you decide which tests to prioritise so you don’t slow down the process? This guide will show you why test prioritisation is so crucial for CDs.
29 May 2024
How to Organize Test Cases for Ultimate Reusability: Best Ways
You’re facing a crucial software release deadline. In the moment's chaos, you realise you must test a feature you’ve previously worked on. And all of a sudden, boom. Your test cases are scattered across different folders with no clear organisation. Desperate to find relevant tests, you waste precious hours. Stress mounts, the deadline keeps getting closer, quality of the release is under attack! Want to calculate the consequences if you don’t find the necessary tests ever? Let’s not do it. Instead, in this guide, we will show you a solution to prevent this disastrous scenario from happening again.
20 May 2024
Meeting Enterprise-Level Security Standards in QA: A Comprehensive Approach
You’re knee-deep in your management tasks, leading the process, not doing so badly, and thinking maybe this whole QA can be streamlined. And then a nightmare becomes a reality: you receive an email about a security breach. This does not look like simple problems from your previous experiences: now you work at an enterprise, and standards should be high, right? So, now you reflect on the situation and think: how can I not be trapped in this situation and avoid the headaches in the future? This guide is the only one you need to set higher enterprise security standards in QA than ever before.
14 May 2024
Your Ultimate Guide to Rock QA Automation with a Test Management System
I need you to think fast: what percentage of your QA process is automated? If it took you more than 10 seconds to answer, then all the struggle of manual work probably passed right before your eyes. Day-to-day, you still see automation as something you'll fully implement in the future, trying to keep up with the market. But let me tell you a secret: most of your competitors are already automating at least half of their work, while you sometimes struggle with simple tasks for hours, sometimes days. You are so behind the race it is not even worth it. Wow, what a depressing start, huh? Don’t worry; it is still not that late. Let’s get you out of this anxious and unfair competition, giving you a fair chance to look at your opportunities and how you can revolutionise your whole QA with a single Test Management System (TMS).
30 April 2024
Your Only Guide for Long-Term Test Maintenance and Management in 2024
For a QA professional in Agile, work life could be hectic. You work on testing new features and updates as they are developed, thinking everything’s going fine. The test suite is growing bigger, and you are under constant pressure to keep up with your tasks. And then, when the development team releases a major update, everything goes awry: a critical update sneaks past your testing radar, resulting in a bug with the session handling function. Users are left frustrated, and the company's reputation takes a hit. Wow, what a mess! Should you start pointing fingers now, blaming everyone and everything? No. To avoid this chaos, you should learn about test maintenance best practices, and this guide will bring you everything you need.
19 April 2024
Ensuring GDPR Compliance in QA Processes: Effective Strategies
You always thought you might cut corners as a QA manager when it comes to regulations and compliances. For you, it has always been just another bureaucratic hassle. “Who needs these rules?” you would always say. But now, reality has caught up with you. There is a letter sitting on your desk, talking about fines, legal repercussions, and damage to your company's reputation. Now let’s stop for a minute and rise above this pessimistic but also possible outcome. If you think it could be you, this guide should be your wake-up call. Today, we talk about ensuring GDPR compliance in QA processes and how you can master them.
18 April 2024
Master Test Case Creation with These Best Practices and Tools for Efficiency
Be honest: do you love creating a test case? No? We wonder why. According to different industry sources, it might take up to 40% of your QA process. God forbid if you are taking a manual approach or using a subpar test case creation tool. In this case, it’s normal to find yourself drowning in the middle of hundreds of test scenarios, waiting to be saved by someone. Well, fortunately, that someone exists. In this guide, we will ease your burdens by discussing the best strategies and tools for test case creation.
18 April 2024
Streamlining QA Workflows in Enterprises: Everything You Need to Know
We get it: you work as a QA manager in an enterprise, and the expectations are too high. From day one, you've promised everything will be organised and executed perfectly. But as the days and weeks pass, you feel like there is still a lot to do to bring order and streamlined workflows, and, most importantly, you have no moment of peace. Sometimes, you feel like there is no end to this, and chaos is your new norm. But it should not be. This guide will teach you why you should not settle for mediocrity and start streamlining the QA workflow in an enterprise like never before.
16 April 2024
How do you achieve 4x faster test case creation with AI?
The test case creation process can make or break your whole testing efforts. The time-consuming nature of this crucial phase often affects your productivity, affecting your release dates and time-to-market goals. But here's a promising solution: you can use AI to create test cases to reduce the manual effort and enhance the efficiency of the testing phase in software development. Are you ready to learn how? Then, this article is your go-to guide.
15 April 2024
How to pick an ideal TMS: Complete Guide for Testers
It’s nearly 6 PM, and another long day in the realm of QA is ending. You pack your things, ready to close your computer. You can feel the weight of the endless spreadsheets and documents pressing down on your shoulders as you prepare to leave. As you do everything manually, each task, from organising test cases to tracking requirements and managing defects, has become a huge effort. And tomorrow will be no different. And the day after. Should it go on like this? Of course not! Have you ever thought about turning this around and finally using a comprehensive Test Management System (TMS) to save your day or maybe even your mental health? Sit close: this article might just be your starting point for a change in QA.
12 April 2024
Why does your QA team need a professional Test Management System?
Ben from Company X has always assumed he can manage QA without a Test Management System (TMS). He believed in his team’s ability to handle everything manually, relying on spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes to keep track of tests, bugs, and team progress. In fact, Ben's team was even able to allocate the budget for a simple bug-tracking tool this year. So they should be fine now, right? Wrong. Although Ben is a good and hard-working guy, in this article, we explore why you should not be like Ben and invest in a professional TMS before it's too late.
06 April 2024
15 Best AI Test Management Tools in 2024
Are you tired of the complexities and uncertainties surrounding AI test management? Are you lost among the tools, unsure which one truly fits your needs in this rapidly evolving landscape? Don’t worry. This comprehensive guide unveils the 15 best AI test management tools for 2024. If you are eager to dive into AI in QA, rest assured that by the end of this article, you'll have all the insights and recommendations necessary to propel your testing endeavours to new heights.
31 March 2024
Top 21 Bug Tracking Tools in 2024
Are you on the lookout for the perfect bug-tracking tool to streamline your software development process? Finding the right bug-tracking solution can make all the difference in ensuring the quality and reliability of your software product. If you are a QA professional looking for that ultimate solution, this article is your go-to resource for understanding, evaluating, and selecting the ideal bug-tracking tool. How will you determine which one is your ultimate solution? Read on and have answers to all your questions.
14 March 2024
Metrics that Matter: Tracking and Measuring Your Testing Success with aqua cloud’s Insights
Software is now a part of our everyday lives. We use various technology and systems to order food, complete tasks, stay fit, etc. Good testing and quality checking are at the heart of software development that successfully gains users and delivers value. Ensuring the quality and reliability of your product is as vital as the product itself. This is where aqua cloud, a robust platform for tracking and measuring testing success, can come in handy.
21 February 2024
Feedback Loops in AI-powered Test Automation: Ensuring Continuous Improvement
Despite using AI in automation, you might feel the struggle for consistent improvement of your systems. The thing is, in AI-powered test automation, the efficiency relies not just on the initial setting but on the algorithms’ ability to learn and evolve. That is why feedback loops are crucial: they fuel the adaptive nature of AI systems, enabling them to learn, refine, and revolutionise these systems’ testing capabilities autonomously. If you want to master feedback loops and turn them into your superpower while working with AI, this article is the right place to settle for.
31 January 2024
Security Testing in the AI Era: Opportunities and Threats
Security testing is becoming increasingly vital as more cyber threats emerge. According to the Ponemon Institute's Cost of a Data Breach Report, the global average cost to fix a data breach is around $4.24 million. While traditional security testing methods can be complicated, tedious, time-consuming and prone to human error, AI already offers a more efficient and reliable alternative. However, AI also has its benefits and threats. This article will teach you all the good, bad, and ugly about AI in security testing.
30 January 2024
Requirement Traceability in the Age of AI: List of the Best Practices
Requirement traceability is a crucial stage for QA, but it is also where many errors occur, especially as projects grow in complexity. Picture this: requirements evolve faster than you can track, becoming harder to monitor manually and analyse in different coding and testing stages. These might sound like a lot, but AI steps in as an ultimate solution, saving you time, resources, and energy. How? This article will guide you through the challenges, benefits, and best practices and provide the ultimate tool for your needs.
24 January 2024
AI Reshapes Requirements Prioritisation, and here is how
Ever wondered how costly misprioritising requirements could be for your software? A staggering 64% of software projects fail due to poor requirements management, leading to incomplete testing and costly rework. However, there is a solution: with the rise of AI, managing requirements has become more efficient than ever. This article will guide you through how AI revolutionises requirements management, from streamlining communication to enhancing test coverage and ensuring precise documentation.
23 January 2024
How to Master Test Coverage with AI and Cut All Redundant Work – Complete Guide
Did you know that many critical bugs might slip through after deployment? This happens due to incomplete test coverage. But here's some good news: you can fix this using artificial intelligence. AI is a solution that can help you significantly reduce these oversights and redundancies while boosting your test coverage. You might ask, how? In this article, we delve into the pivotal role of AI in enhancing test coverage, pinpointing the precise problem areas and guiding you toward a streamlined, more effective testing process.
28 December 2023
Advanced Reporting in QA: Tips for Smarter Decision-Making in 2024
In QA, pinpoint accuracy is essential, but it's not only about merely finding bugs. You also need advanced reporting to unlock invaluable testing insights. These reports do more than list issues; they offer invaluable understanding for improving testing strategies. Curious to understand the pivotal role of advanced reporting and learn to transform testing data into a catalyst for informed decision-making? Let's start navigating the complexities of QA reporting in this comprehensive guide.
27 December 2023
8 Benefits of AI in Test Automation You Can’t Ignore Anymore
AI is changing everything; software testing is no exception to its transformative power. Automation, powered by AI, is reshaping the testing landscape, simplifying how we ensure quality. But how do you maximise the power of AI in test automation? Well, you are at the right place. This article is your guide to making testing simpler, offering eight undeniable benefits that will revolutionise your approach to testing, saving you time, effort, and headaches along the way.
27 December 2023
Dashboards vs. Reports for QA: Deciphering the Dynamics
Picture this: you, as a QA professional, strive for real-time insights to keep your finger on the pulse of ongoing testing activities. Dashboards offer immediate, at-a-glance insights into ongoing testing progress. On the other hand, reports provide you with in-depth analysis, offering a comprehensive overview and detailed breakdown of the testing landscape. But, which one should you rely on in your day-to-day activities? Let's explore both in detail with aqua's decade-long expertise to understand where and how each can empower your testing endeavours.
25 December 2023
The only test execution summary guide you need in 2024
See if this scenario sounds familiar: you've poured countless hours into software testing, yet the true essence of your efforts gets lost in inefficient reports. It’s disappointing, right? But fear not; you will learn about test execution summaries. By the end, you'll wield the power to transform your testing reports into compelling narratives that genuinely reflect the value of your work. Dive in and watch your reports speak volumes!
05 December 2023
Mastering Test Case Dependencies: A Guide for Effective Testing
In software testing, there's a critical piece that often goes unnoticed but can make or break your testing strategy. We're talking about test case dependencies, and they're more important than you might think. Have you ever felt like you're navigating through chaos when testing software? Test case dependencies can be like a secret map to help you understand it all. They are the key to saving time and resources while avoiding confusion and bottlenecks. In this article, we'll shed light on these hidden connections and show you how to master them, giving your testing team the tools they need to succeed.
05 December 2023
Facts and myths about the power of AI in QA testing
In today's tech buzz, AI's role in Quality Assurance (QA) testing is like a futuristic magic trick—everyone's talking about it. But what's real, and what's just smoke and mirrors? This article isn't pulling any tricks; it's here to reveal the actual powers and bust the myths of AI in QA testing. So buckle up because we're diving into the real deal, separating fact from fiction, and giving you the inside scoop on how AI truly rocks the QA world.
04 December 2023
How to Manage and Track Exploratory Testing?
Exploratory testing is a method in software testing that has shown its effectiveness in finding different defects. Unlike following a strict script, it allows testers to explore and interact with the software in a more natural way to identify issues. It uses the tester's intuition and knowledge to uncover any hidden software flaws. Exploratory testing in agile does well on minimising documentation and maximizing hands-on engagement. However, this also poses challenges in measurement and management. So, to help you get a better grasp of it, and how to track and report it, we put together this article.
24 November 2023
Harness the Power of Test Case Libraries for Reusability with This Guide
Efficiency is often the key to success, especially in the testing world, where optimisation is crucial. Instead of constantly reinventing the testing wheel, you can have a library of test cases at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and effort on every project. The real question is, how do you harness the full power of test case libraries in your current and future projects? In this article, we'll explore the answer to this question and provide practical insights to supercharge your testing process.
21 November 2023
How to integrate AI with Traditional Test Management?
The demand for faster and more efficient software development processes is at an all-time high. As businesses evolve, so do the methodologies and tools they employ, making the integration of modern technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, immensely. One business domain witnessing this transformative wave is traditional test management. But why should one consider weaving AI into their age-old test management practices? Let's explore the compelling reasons and review whether it’s worth implementing.
16 November 2023
Navigating Test Environment Transitions: Your Ultimate Guide
Change is the constant in software development, and in today's landscape, test environment transitions are the catalyst for this change. They're the answer to streamlining processes, addressing complexities, and ensuring a precise software deployment. The question is, will you be able to adapt to these changes?
13 November 2023
Empowering Collaboration in QA Planning: Everything You Need to Know
Imagine a busy development department where QA specialists are often isolated, their invaluable insights frequently ignored until the last minute. Sounds familiar? It should not. This situation frequently results in overlooked bugs, postponed releases, and frustrated stakeholders. If it happens in your company, something is wrong. What if we put forward a strategy to overcome these barriers and improve collaboration in QA planning?
10 November 2023
Mastering Test Data Management for Optimised QA Workflows
In the software testing world, the value of accurate test data management (TDM) cannot be overstated. Impeccable software quality hinges on the precision and reliability of tests. Do inconsistent or inadequate test data hinder your QA workflows? This article will help you learn how to master test data management to unlock optimised QA workflows.
31 October 2023
The ultimate defect management guide for 2024
In the dynamic software development realm, where creation meets complexity, there is an ever-present challenge: defects. These subtle disruptors have the power to halt progress and diminish user experiences. How do you deal with these defects? We suggest you embark on a journey through prevention, detection, and resolution, unravelling the art of mastering defects.
20 October 2023
Top 3 Zephyr Alternatives
If you feel tired of sailing through the same old Zephyr waters and feeling the need for a fresh breeze in your test management journey, you are not alone. While Zephyr is undeniably a robust tool, the digital world is ever-evolving, and it's only natural to explore new horizons that align better with your team's aspirations. As we dive into 2024, many exciting contenders have risen to the surface. In this article, we'll embark on a voyage to discover the top Zephyr alternatives that could be your next test management haven.
16 October 2023
Requirements management with AI: Your ultimate guide
Do you struggle with defining, documenting, and tracking your QA project requirements? AI is here to help you. Do not worry, we are not talking about bots replacing you at your workplace — we are talking about maximising your results by using the full power of AI.
10 October 2023
Integrating aqua with your deployment pipelines: the CI/CD symphony
Picture this: You have meticulously designed a software product, and just before the release, you suddenly expose a flaw, sending shockwaves through development. Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Automating the key processes, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) are the backbone of modern software delivery, and ensuring its efficiency is crucial. That is where aqua cloud steps in.
27 September 2023
5 Test management tools to try instead of Polarion
Choosing the right software tool can make all the difference in QA. While Polarion offers various advantages, you might have faced a lot of challenges like a non-intuitive UI, API usage issues and just higher costs. If Polarion does not cut it for you anymore, we're here to guide you towards alternatives that not only address these concerns but also provide more advanced and even budget-friendly solutions that might better align with your needs.
25 September 2023
How to perform effective test plan management: complete guide
Ever found yourself facing a big testing project deadline, only to realise your plans are all over the place? Then, come closer, we know the feeling. Effective test plan management is the secret sauce that can make or break your testing process, and this guide is your compass to navigate the test plan management world.
15 September 2023
Fristenmanagement: Ihr Leitfaden für friedliche Arbeit
Nehmen wir an, Sie arbeiten im Bereich des Testens von Software und versuchen sicherzustellen, dass die neue App, über die alle reden, auch wirklich gut wird. Aber Moment mal - von irgend woher tauchen immer wieder knappe, unerwartete Fristen auf, und plötzlich stellt sich die große Frage: „Hey, wie gehen wir mit diesen verrückten Fristen im QS-Prozess um?“ Kannst du im Wettlauf mit der Zeit alles auf einem hohen Niveau halten?
31 August 2023
Deadline management: your guide to peaceful work
Let’s say you work in software testing, trying to make sure that the new app everyone talks about is all set to shine. But, hold up — tight, unexpected deadlines are starting to pop up from somewhere, and suddenly, the big question hits you: "Hey, how do we handle these crazy deadlines in the QA process?" Can you keep things top-notch while racing against the clock?
31 August 2023
Warum die Root Cause Analysis / Ursachenanalyse (RCA) Ihr Verbündeter bei der Problemlösung ist
Hier ist ein Szenario, das nicht viel Vorstellungsvermögen erfordert: Sie sind Teil eines Software-Entwicklungsteams, und ein kritischer Fehler tritt immer wieder auf und stört den reibungslosen Ablauf Ihrer Anwendung. Sie beheben ihn, nur um festzustellen, dass er in einer anderen Form wieder auftaucht. Sie können diesen Kreislauf der schnellen Lösungen fortsetzen oder einen Schritt zurücktreten und eine grundlegende Frage stellen: „Was ist überhaupt die Ursache für dieses anhaltende Problem?“
31 August 2023
Why root cause analysis (RCA) is your problem-solving ally
Here is a scenario that doesn’t require much imagination: you're part of a software development team, and a critical bug keeps occurring, disrupting the seamless flow of your application. You patch it up, only to find it resurfacing in a different form. You could continue this cycle of quick fixes or step back and ask a fundamental question: "What's causing this persistent issue in the first place?"
31 August 2023
Managing parallel test execution: the relay race
You have probably felt the pressure of tight software release schedules, the frustration of long testing cycles, and the anxiety of potential bugs slipping through the cracks. You are not alone. But fear not! We're here to guide you through a game-changing strategy to ease your concerns and revolutionise your testing approach.
23 August 2023
Test environment management: the only breakdown you will ever need
Are you ready to elevate your testing prowess to the next level and become a true master of test environment management? If you're an experienced QA professional who can orchestrate complex testing landscapes with finesse, look no further.
21 August 2023
The ultimate bug reporting guide you should not miss
As a QA professional, you know that bug reports are the backbone of delivering exceptional software. But have you ever found yourself struggling with conveying bugs effectively, resulting in delays, misunderstandings, and frustration among your team?
21 August 2023
Requirements management: everything you need to know about in 1 article
Imagine a world where QA testing becomes a seamless and triumphant journey, where projects consistently deliver on time and exceed expectations. The secret to unlocking this realm of success lies in the often-overlooked art of requirements management. You probably know the critical importance of thorough testing, but have you ever wondered how mastering the management of project requirements can revolutionise your testing process?
18 August 2023
Revolutionising mobile app testing with AI: essential tools and expert tips
Do manual mobile testing and even regular automation no longer cut it, resulting in delays and frustrations? Ensuring top-notch performance and a seamless user experience for mobile apps across many devices and operating systems is increasingly challenging every day. But worry not: AI in mobile app testing is the game-changing solution you have always sought, even if you never heard of it.
18 August 2023
What is application testing? complete guide
There is a lot of sweat behind making apps perfectly react to your every touch and swipe, and the unsung hero is application testing. In today's ever-growing tech landscape, app testing has emerged as a non-negotiable step in delivering robust, reliable, and user-friendly software. So, whether you're a curious tech enthusiast or a seasoned QA specialist, sit close: we dive into the world of application testing.
08 August 2023
How to write better tests with AI
Are your current testing methods falling short, leaving you with inadequate coverage and overlooked issues? Traditional testing methods often struggle to keep up with modern software development requirements. But fear not; this article is all you need.
01 August 2023
Test Case Management: everything you need to know
How often have you lost yourself in a labyrinth of test cases, struggling to find control over your software testing processes? In the fast-paced development world where you can't catch a breath, efficient test case management is the compass you need through the endless deserts of quality assurance. It ensures you reach your desired destination — robust, reliable software products ready to conquer the market.
19 July 2023
Why should you learn coding as a tester?
What would happen if testers evolved from their traditional roles, transcending boundaries to explore the power of programming languages? Picture them diving deep into the code ocean, writing scripts and orchestrating the testing processes. Such a transformation can potentially revolutionise the testing landscape, but it begs the question: Is programming required for software testing?
14 July 2023
14 extremely useful Chrome extensions for developers
Hey, developers out there! We know what's bugging you daily: navigating complex codebases, optimising workflows, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. That's why we're here to lend a helping hand. Sometimes this overwhelming job can require 120% effort from you, so we bring you a handpicked selection of 14 game-changing Chrome extensions.
14 July 2023
How we crush remote work communication issues at aqua
In recent years, working from home has become a norm for companies worldwide. It also brings many challenges, particularly in the area of communication. As a pro-remote company, we are here to discuss the main remote work communication challenges and how you can deal with them effectively in the upcoming years.
13 July 2023
Eliminate tech chaos with the power of effective debt management
In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, where innovation drives progress, there exists a formidable challenge that you probably keep postponing—technical debt. It's the result of shortcuts, compromises, and postponed decisions that can destroy software projects, hinder growth and suffocate creativity.
30 June 2023
Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing: Difference with Examples
In the realm of software testing, two terms often find themselves at the forefront: smoke testing and sanity testing. While these concepts might sound similar and even interchangeable to a non-tester, they represent distinct approaches that serve unique purposes in QA. To navigate the complex software testing world, you must understand the fundamental differences between both, and this article will provide everything you need on the topic.
28 June 2023
Maximising your security plan: expert advice on risk management for QA leads
Have you ever experienced a nightmare where you thought you had all the necessary security measures but still suffered from cyber-attacks? Even if you have not, you should look at a recent case of the ransomware attack at MSI, resulting in the loss of 1.5 terabytes of data, including source code, emphasising how critical maximising security plans is. The attack revealed the theft of Intel Boot Guard keys, which serve as a security layer for UEFI/BIOS firmware in countless PCs.
20 June 2023
The essential 5 Coursera courses for software testers seeking excellence
In the exhilarating software testing world, where precision and skill determine the fate of digital products, you, the software testers, hold the key to unlocking innovation and ensuring impeccable quality. Whether you are a junior tester embarking on your testing journey or a seasoned professional seeking to reach new heights of the QA craft, this article is your gateway to a realm of knowledge and growth.
20 June 2023
Master test documentation: 7 expert tips for error-free testing
Picture this: you and your team have worked tirelessly on a software project for a few months. You've run many tests, identified a lot of bugs, and made endless improvements to the code. However, during the QA audit, you received feedback that revealed a critical mistake in your testing approach: the documentation was incomplete, confusing, and in some places, even incorrect. What went wrong?
13 June 2023
6 best AI tools for UI/UX testing
Having a hard time delivering visually appealing, intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces that engage users and keep them returning? Creating a great user experience requires more than just designing a pretty interface - it is also testing to ensure the design meets users' needs. And this is where UX/UI testing tools with artificial intelligence come into play.
31 May 2023
Everything you need to know about compatibility testing in 1 article
Have you ever encountered software in your pet projects that works smoothly on some devices and crush on others? It can be a frustrating experience not to be able to deliver software that operates perfectly in various operations systems, devices, and hardware. That's where compatibility testing comes in - a crucial part of software development that will help you ensure a seamless user experience.
30 May 2023
Elevate your career: 8 essential steps to transition from tester to QA leader
Are you stressed because you have just been promoted to a QA manager position? On the one hand, you are excited to progress in your career; on the other hand, it brings a lot of responsibilities. No need to panic. This article will give you all the necessary tips to handle this overwhelming situation.
26 May 2023
What is Test Driven Development (TDD)? Everything you need to know
If you have ever dealt with code that breaks every time you make small changes and want to avoid this once and for all, this article is for you. Test Driven Development (TDD) is your game-changer to enhance code stability, accelerate iterative development, and deliver robust solutions. So what is TDD, and how can you massively benefit from it?
25 May 2023
TOP 7 continuous automation testing tools in 2024
Do you feel overwhelmed keeping up with the pace of software development due to traditional testing approaches? You are not alone, and the good news is continuous automation testing tools offer a perfect solution. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best continuous automation testing software to make your QA faster and better.
16 May 2023
6 best tools for bug reporting in Agile team
Are you having difficulties with bugs and issues in your project, feeling like you are drowning in them? Do you feel like you are using outdated tools that just don't cut it for an Agile team? We hear you, and we are here to help. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best bug-reporting tools in Agile for you.
14 May 2023
10 game-changing DevOps advantages to maximise efficiency
Slow, inefficient software development processes can hold your organisation back. If you have the "siloed" approach where testers, developers, and operations teams work in isolation, you will often face misunderstandings and a lack of alignment on objectives. Want to leave this approach once and for all? DevOps might just be your secret weapon. In this article, we will delve into seven compelling benefits of DevOps to boost your productivity and propel your business to new heights.
12 May 2023
5 CI/CD challenges and their solutions
Do you find yourself frustrated by the complexities of implementing CI/CD in your software development process? Despite its numerous benefits, establishing reliable pipelines for CI/CD poses many challenges for developers. Do not worry: we are here to arm you with practical strategies to tackle these challenges.
05 May 2023
These 4 enterprise testing strategy mistakes are costly
Welcome to the world of enterprise testing, where the stakes are high, and the margin for error is slim. As a leader, you already know that your enterprise's testing strategy is crucial to deliver high-quality products and services. But despite your best efforts, you might still fall short of your expectations.
04 May 2023
10 performance testing blunders you should not fall for
Do you want to ensure that your application meets the performance expectations of your users? Are you looking to avoid common mistakes that can cause slow response times and glitches? In this article, we'll provide you with valuable insights on how to avoid the most common performance mistakes that can affect software speed and reliability.
26 April 2023
Streamline your QA process with a FREE bug reporting template
Are you tired of delays in fixing the bugs because of the incomplete bug report you wrote? Writing a good bug report is overwhelming, especially when managing multiple tasks simultaneously. But what if we told you there is a solution that will help you streamline your bug-reporting process and make it more efficient?
24 April 2023
8 powerful strategies for seamless QA & developer relationships
Tired of communication breakdowns between your team and developers? Misunderstandings, inconsistencies, and conflicts can all lead to a defective product, missed deadlines, and a strained work environment. Are you ready to say goodbye to these breakdowns and hello to a more productive and efficient development process?
20 April 2023
7 tips to improve QA agency-client relationships
Are you feeling frustrated with the relationship between your QA agency and the clients? It is normal to feel overwhelmed, as it requires effective communication, collaboration, and mutual trust between the two parties. But do not worry; we've got you covered. As you go on reading this article, you will find simple yet effective steps to improve the QA agency and client relationships massively.
20 April 2023
These 14 mistakes will cost you software release delay
Are you tired of constantly struggling to meet tight deadlines while trying to deliver high-quality software that satisfies your end users? Do you find yourself drowning in endless lines of code, struggling to debug and test while the clock ticks away? Have you ever launched a subpar product just to meet a deadline, leaving your end-users frustrated and dissatisfied?
14 April 2023
8 critical mistakes to avoid in QA learning process
Are you frustrated with making common mistakes at the beginning of your software testing journey? Do you feel like you are not progressing despite putting in work hours? Do not worry; we've got your back.
11 April 2023
Top 40 QA interview questions to ace your dream job
If you are preparing for a job interview in QA, familiarising yourself with the most important interview questions that might come your way is important. Want to give yourself an edge? Then, you should study the most tricky quality assurance interview questions and answer them in the most structured, strategic way. 
28 March 2023