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February 7, 2023

aqua 22.53 release: ‘Requirement coverage’ status, screenshot annotation and more

Let us guide you through the new features and improvements in aqua 22.53, so that you learn more about how to keep doing your best work with aqua even better

Kate Hornysh

Hello, aqua user!

You inspire us every day to continually improve aqua! Each enhancement we do is meant to leverage a seamless testing process and team collaboration and help you stay focused and productive.

Let us guide you through the new features and improvements in aqua 22.53, so that you learn more about how to keep doing your best work with aqua even better.

‘Requirement coverage’ status for the requirements

‘Requirement coverage’ status for the requirements

A few weeks ago, our team ran user research on Requirement Traceability features and heard your valuable feedback on that. Needless to say, we had an unmeasurable opportunity to sneak peek behind the scenes and understand better how you work with aqua daily and what matters to you. 

As a result of our collaboration with you and thanks to your insights, we made the first step towards robust requirement traceability. We are happy to introduce the ‘Requirement coverage’ status for the requirements.

‘Requirement coverage’ status is a solid indicator in any software development process. It gives you a powerful opportunity to quickly check what requirements or features have not been covered by test cases or test scenarios within a release, sprint, iteration or project. It will be much easier for you to monitor a testing process, identify gaps in your software project’s early stages, and react faster. 

With the ʼRequirement coverage’ status, if you are a project manager or project administrator, you have a firm grip on the project’s scope. You have an opportunity to trace if any requirements are still missing the test cases or test scenarios and better plan the QA resources, which allows you to run projects confidently and avoid future issues. Time, scope and cost are all kept under control.

If you need an even more comprehensive check, you are flexible to apply additional filters alongside the ‘Requirement coverage’ status. Besides, for a drill-down to more information, you can always click the ‘Dependencies’ button and check by what test cases or test scenarios the requirement is covered.

Screenshot annotation in the aqua Test Recorder Chrome extension

Screenshot annotation in the aqua Test Recorder Chrome extension

aqua Test Recorder is a Chrome extension that was built for aqua users to run test executions faster and more efficiently. Our team continues to add new powerful options to the extension as these productivity boosters make testers’ life easy.  

From now on, it’s possible to quickly create comprehensive screenshots and save time for developers and managers. Back up every step of your test case execution with the annotated snapshots while using aqua Test Recorder. You don’t need to use any extra tools and spend time switching between aqua app, the product you are testing, and the tool for screenshotting. You have everything at hand and can report directly to aqua.

Here are the annotation options when testing with aqua Test Recorder:

  • Underline
  • Highlight
  • Crop image
  • Blur area
  • Add figures
  • Add text

We guarantee you will love it and won’t use any other tool when you try it. This feature will undoubtedly save you a lot of hours in the long run.

Export widgets in different formats

Export widgets in different formats

Another killing feature that emerged based on the insights we got from you is exporting dashboard widgets.

aqua 22.53 offers many exportable widgets, such as pie, bar, table and stacked bar charts. It takes only a few clicks to get a .pdf, .png, .jpg, or .svg file  You can later add them as visuals to your reports and presentations or keep them for tracking changes over time.

Though there are plenty of different tools for processing large amounts of data, nobody has outperformed Excel or spreadsheets yet. That’s why in a new version of aqua you can utilise the exporting for the table widget and ‘drill down’ feature to get an Excel or CSV document. Use them as a standalone document or combine them with others. aqua powers put you in power!

Excel export test management tool aqua

'Not applicable' status for the quick run of test cases from the navigation page

We heard that the new ‘Not applicable’ status has become a real helper for you. It was just the next natural step for us to add it to the ‘Quick execution’ module so that it’s possible to apply the status even when you run your test cases in bulk.

'Not applicable' status for the quick run of test cases from the navigation page

Improvements to the sprint board and backlog

Option to filter tickets on the sprint board by ‘Assigned to’ and ‘Priority’ properties

We’re extending the filtering feature to the sprint board so that working with it is even easier. When you need to see only the tickets assigned to a specific user or you, use a new button to apply a filter and quickly display the required tickets on a sprint board. If you need to focus on tickets with specific priorities, we got you covered — the priority filter is also there. You can of course apply both filters to show on board only the important tickets even more precisely.

Improvements to the sprint board and backlog


A bunch of helpful tweaks that will make using Agile features even more fun:


The option of a quick update of the project template when moving items to the sprint. If you started using sprints after creating a project without adding it to the project template, now you can simply update the project template when moving items to the sprint. Once you do that, the items in your project will have the sprint field and the project template will be updated automatically.


The selection of items is reset after moving items to the top or bottom of the backlog. Agile gurus recommend keeping the backlog under 50 items, but in a real-world situation this is not ideal and it is very often that team works with a bit larger number of items. Staying flexible requires backlog refinement, which used to be a bit inconvenient. After moving items to the top or to the bottom of the backlog, you had to unselect them before proceeding to work with other items. From now on, aqua automatically deselects items after they were moved within the backlog. You will not risk accidentally messing up item properties and carry on with the backlog refinement crusade faster than ever.


Adjusted font size for the sprint ticket. Nobody likes to read long texts, but it happens quite often that people try to provide comprehensive titles. Experience shows that comprehensive titles are not necessarily short titles. That’s why the font size of the title and the points on the sprint ticket have been reduced to ensure that all-important information fits within a sprint card yet the text remains readable on screens of any size. 

That’s it for now. Our team keeps working on new helpful solutions for you, so stay tuned for aqua news and releases with useful features.

As usual, don’t forget to share your feedback and let’s make aqua the best QA platform that takes away the pain of testing together!

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