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Kate Hornysh is the Product Manager at aqua. Officing from Ukraine, she manages cross-functional collaboration between design, engineering and marketing departments to identify and deliver the best product solutions for our customers.

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aqua vs Polarion: which ALM to choose as SMB or Enterprise company?
Test management tools are neat, but many companies go all the way and organise their entire product development effort in a single solution. They use Application Lifecycle Management software, and we will be diving into what aqua and Polarion have to offer here.
April 4, 2022
aqua 22.53 release: ‘Requirement coverage’ status, screenshot annotation and more
Let us guide you through the new features and improvements in aqua 22.53, so that you learn more about how to keep doing your best work with aqua even better
April 4, 2022
Warum Unternehmen von TestRail auf aqua umsteigen
Ein Grund für die Beliebtheit von Testmanagement-Tools ist zweifelsohne die Vereinfachung und Verbesserung der Qualitätssicherung. Der enorme Umfang der ständig wachsenden Softwareentwicklung zwingt Manager gerade dazu, die besten Tools auf dem Markt zu suchen, wenn sie auf dem florierenden Zug der IT-Branche mithalten wollen.
April 4, 2022
Why companies move on from TestRail to aqua
Part of the reason test management tools are popular is undoubtedly simplification find improvement of Quality Assurance. The massive scope of constantly growing software development forces managers to seek out the best tools on the market if they are interested in riding the prospering IT business train.
April 4, 2022
aqua 22.35 release: bulk test case execution, KPI alerts, and new syncs
Welcome to aqua’s product blog post unwrapping release 22.20 - 22.35. This product update covers a few impactful features and a bunch of small but significant improvements that we think you will love.
April 4, 2022