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Kate Hornysh is the Product Manager at aqua. Officing from Ukraine, she manages cross-functional collaboration between design, engineering and marketing departments to identify and deliver the best product solutions for our customers.

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Product Release 24.7 & 24.33: Seamless Integration, Enhanced AI, Streamlined Collaboration & more
We're excited to share Product Release 24.7, crafted with you in mind. This update brings a suite of enhancements aimed at making your experience with aqua even more delightful and productive. From seamless integration to turbocharged AI and streamlined collaboration features, we're committed to helping you work smarter and achieve your goals effortlessly.
24 June 2024
aqua 22.35: Massenausführung von Testfällen, KPI-Warnungen und neue Synchronisationen
Willkommen zum Produkt-Blogpost von aqua, in dem wir die Versionen 22.20 - 22.35 freigeben. Diese Produktaktualisierung umfasst einige wichtige Funktionen und eine Reihe von kleinere, aber wichtigen Verbesserungen, die Sie sicher begeistern werden.
17 October 2023
Why should you learn coding as a tester?
What would happen if testers evolved from their traditional roles, transcending boundaries to explore the power of programming languages? Picture them diving deep into the code ocean, writing scripts and orchestrating the testing processes. Such a transformation can potentially revolutionise the testing landscape, but it begs the question: Is programming required for software testing?
14 July 2023
What is Test Driven Development (TDD)? Everything you need to know
If you have ever dealt with code that breaks every time you make small changes and want to avoid this once and for all, this article is for you. Test Driven Development (TDD) is your game-changer to enhance code stability, accelerate iterative development, and deliver robust solutions. So what is TDD, and how can you massively benefit from it?
25 May 2023
aqua 23.46 release: New UI, Advanced Search, and AI Copilot improvements
We're excited to announce that the new aqua UI alongside powerful features have been released! We can’t wait to share the details with you, so let’s go straight to what has been changed or added.
10 May 2023
aqua 23.46 Version: Neue UI, Erweiterte Suche, und Verbesserungen am KI-Copiloten
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die neue aqua UI zusammen mit leistungsstarken Funktionen freigegeben wurde! Wir können es kaum erwarten, Ihnen die Einzelheiten mitzuteilen, sodass wir gleich zu den Änderungen und Neuerungen kommen.
10 May 2023
8 powerful strategies for seamless QA & developer relationships
Tired of communication breakdowns between your team and developers? Misunderstandings, inconsistencies, and conflicts can all lead to a defective product, missed deadlines, and a strained work environment. Are you ready to say goodbye to these breakdowns and hello to a more productive and efficient development process?
20 April 2023
aqua 23.22 Version: Verbesserte Bildqualität, Schnelleres Kopieren und Einfügen
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mit aqua 23.19 einige wichtige Neuerungen vorstellen zu dürfen. Ihre Screenshots werden im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wie aus dem Bilderbuch sein, und einige häufige Handlungen benötigen jetzt weniger Zeit als je zuvor.
29 March 2023
aqua 23.22 release: Improved screenshots, faster copy & paste
We're excited to share a few major improvements with aqua 23.22. Your screenshots will be literally picture perfect, and a few frequent actions now take less time than ever.
29 March 2023
Februar 2023 aqua-Update: Vorschau Tickets, Neues Design der Toast-Nachrichten
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen einige neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen für aqua ankündigen zu dürfen, die Ihren Arbeitsablauf noch reibungsloser gestalten werden. Hier finden Sie die neuesten Aktualisierungen:
17 March 2023
February 2023 aqua update: Preview tickets, new toasts messages & more
We're excited to announce several new features and improvements to aqua that will enhance your experience and make your workflow smoother. Here are the latest updates:
17 March 2023
Release Management: Was man beachten sollte!
Das Release-Management ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des modernen Produktlebenszyklus. Selbst kleine Teams können das Chaos der verwalteten Releases nicht bewältigen, ganz zu schweigen von Unternehmen in regulierten Branchen. Es kann immer noch etwas schief gehen - wie also richtet man den Prozessablauf des Release-Managements ein?
15 February 2023
Release management: How to not get it wrong
Release management is an essential part of the modern product lifecycle. Even small teams can’t handle the chaos of managed releases, let alone companies in regulated industries. Things still can go wrong — so how do you set up the release management process flow?
15 February 2023
aqua vs Polarion: Which is the Best Enterprise ALM Solution?
Test management tools are neat, but many companies go all the way and organise their entire product development effort in a single solution. They use Application Lifecycle Management software, and we will be diving into what aqua and Polarion have to offer here.
11 November 2022
aqua 22.53 release: ‘Requirement coverage’ status, screenshot annotation and more
Let us guide you through the new features and improvements in aqua 22.53, so that you learn more about how to keep doing your best work with aqua even better
17 July 2022
Warum Unternehmen von TestRail auf aqua umsteigen
Ein Grund für die Beliebtheit von Testmanagement-Tools ist zweifelsohne die Vereinfachung und Verbesserung der Qualitätssicherung. Der enorme Umfang der ständig wachsenden Softwareentwicklung zwingt Manager gerade dazu, die besten Tools auf dem Markt zu suchen, wenn sie auf dem florierenden Zug der IT-Branche mithalten wollen.
22 June 2022
Why Migrate from TestRail to aqua? In-Depth Comparison Insights
Part of the reason test management tools are popular is undoubtedly simplification find improvement of Quality Assurance. The massive scope of constantly growing software development forces managers to seek out the best tools on the market if they are interested in riding the prospering IT business train.
22 June 2022
aqua 22.35 release: bulk test case execution, KPI alerts, and new syncs
Welcome to aqua’s product blog post unwrapping release 22.20 - 22.35. This product update covers a few impactful features and a bunch of small but significant improvements that we think you will love.
10 June 2022
Test automation tools: why, where, how
Test automation used to be a controversial topic: some engineers believed that they were not worth the effort. Indeed, automated software testing requires both developing specific tests and adjusting your routine to fit them. These days, running full manual is simply not sustainable in the long run. Let’s look at why and how you can make the transition.
18 May 2022
aqua 22.6 release: Sprint board, Chrome extension, and more
Welcome to aqua’s product blog post unwrapping 22.6 release. This is one of our biggest monthly updates yet. It comes with several impactful features and small improvements that we think you will love. It’s a joy to continue helping your teams work faster and easier.
07 April 2022