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March 29, 2023

aqua 23.22 release: Improved screenshots, faster copy & paste

We're excited to share a few major improvements with aqua 23.22. Your screenshots will be literally picture perfect, and a few frequent actions now take less time than ever.

Kate Hornysh

Editor improvements

We are introducing an impactful improvement to the editor that is used throughout the application, so that you can focus on creating the most comprehensive tickets with high-quality visual context and proof.

Here are the recent upgrades: 

  • Improved image quality upon saving: your images will always retain their high resolution
  • Flexible image resizing: adjust the size of your images with ease during every edit, providing you with greater flexibility and control.
  • Consistent formatting: your content always looks the way you intended it to, reducing the frustration of unexpected formatting changes.

aqua 23.22 formatting improvements

Don’t wait and try it yourself 😎

New options in the project configuration template

We totally get it: spending hours on mundane tasks can really take the fun out of your day. But don’t worry, we’re here to save the day and put a smile on your face! 

We’ve added some awesome enhancements to the project template configuration that will make your life a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to adding values one by one (yawn!) and say hello to copying and pasting values from documents or existing fields in aqua. 

aqua Import & Copy to Clipboard

You will now have more time for higher-priority tasks, e.g. watching cute cat videos or scrolling memes.

Moreover, with just one click you can sort the values alphabetically. It’s a tiny enhancement, but you can pretty up the list within a second, whether you create a new list or update an existing one.

Small feature, big time-saver!

aqua Sort alphabetically

So go ahead, give it a try and let the good times start sort!

Copying items between the projects is now faster than ever

The team listens to your feedback and finds it so inspiring that you help us make the tool easier and more convenient to use.

With this update, we added the enhancement that was much requested by teams who have thousands of tickets and test cases and copy hundreds of them between different projects.

We removed the word ‘Copy’ from the issues that you paste from one project to another. Your eye won’t twitch anymore from the prospect of updating every ticket name manually. 

aqua simplified item pasting


By the way, have you already tried the new AI functionality that brings your testing efforts to the whole new level? 

What!? No? Then what are you waiting for? Join the beta program!. 

Create an account or request access at and enjoy using aqua’s AI features for writing and updating tests. We bet you say ‘Where were you before?! Creating test cases manually is so medieval now!’

aqua 23.22 AI sample

Everybody loves surprises and that’s why we have one for you!

Very soon we release an awesome solution that makes test runs and bugs reporting fun, easy and 10X times faster than before. If that’s not thrilling enough, imagine that you can forget about back and forth calls with developers or even customers!

Want to know? Be the first to find out in the upcoming releases.

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