Software testing talks #11: QA happiness, testers’ cookbook and cyberpunk
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February 7, 2023

Software testing talks #11: QA happiness, testers’ cookbook and cyberpunk

Every month in our Software Testing Talks, we browse through all popular testers’ and software developers' discussions to see what new or emerging trends we should pay attention to.

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Olga Ryan

Software Testing Talks are now once a month. Over April we found some absolutely cracking threads. We amassed some of them to give you the definitive look through the entire IT community. So you don’t need to follow a ton of stuff on social media in order just to cover what you have been missing. We already collected the most interesting from the most trending threads to a minor comment, especially for you.

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Here’s what got thrown at us:

This time we decided to start with our Twitter collection. Some interesting trends are noticed there. Let’s see what they are:

Testing is a new religion

Testing is some kind of religion for some people and nevertheless, there is still nothing that can help you to set the right way to do it. There are a thousand books about how to build your confidence in quality assurance, and how to cope with stress if you work in the IT industry, but I find this tweet pretty comprehensive instead of reading all these books.  Hundred percent it is not about software testing but just apply it to this… It still makes a lot of sense, right? :))

test religion>> Check this tweet here.


How QA terminology can be confusing even for specialists

When I only started my journey to QA, I was confused by terminology so many times. And I still can see that some experienced testers struggle to use terminus properly.

terminology confusion    >> Check this tweet here.


How to cook regression testing and what to serve with it?

Imagine if instead of all these courses on how to perform testing and blah-blah-blah, there would be a cookbook on how to make all types of testing… some kind of, take 10 test cases based on requirements that you already have in your refrigerator, make sure that they are fresh, then boil some infrastructure….Yummy.

test cooking>> Check this tweet here.


Your girlfriend can ruin your chatbot developer carrier

Successful relationships require a lot of work, time and attention. But unfortunately, some developers mixed the order of put all their attention and time towards work. However, this guy decided to fix the situation in the way he knows better — by creating a program…

If only he checked the speed of responses I guess it would save his relationship.

testers girlfriend>> Check this tweet here.


Is finding a bug the biggest happiness in a tester's life?

Happiness is a very interesting thing. Some people still don’t know what brings them the joy of their life and where to find it. But a good thing for testers and software developers, is that they can get happy with such small things as bug-free code.

QA happiness

This topic about happiness was launched by the community moderator on the Ministry of Testing. It’s ironic but the wittiest response in my opinion was given also by him.

QA happiness 2>> Check this discussion here.


How to easily spot a tester

Pot calling the kettle black — I believe this saying describes this thread well. I always wonder how you can see your buddy in the crowd of other IT guys. Or maybe this can be a test in IT companies while interviewing for a position instead of an actual assignment.

Tell me you are a software tester without telling me you are a software tester.

“I will start.

When I see the “2 items per customer” sign in a retail store I try to purchase 3 and observer checkout staff’s reaction.”

Some answers are hilarious but I picked this one because it has the most up-votes and it’s also so true.

Spot a tester>> check this thread out in the r/softwaretesting  Reddit community.


Will they “Marty McFly” your QA?

Remember in the movie “Back to the future” they had these cool Nikes which automatic “buckling up”? I do and I do remember how everyone was expecting to have them in the future. So testers also have dreams about the future of quality assurance. Will it stay with us or all of this will merge into software development?

The future of software testing

“There are some questions around there, especially a fresher coming to work as a software tester, is there any chance that in near future, software testing and development will be merged? Someone told me that, the area of manual testing is not that big, even after studying some particular methodologies like BVA, Equivalent partitioning a developer can almost test an application as a tester do. And for automation testing, you have to have coding/scripting knowledge, and API knowledge. You just need to learn some additional tools to do automation. So there is a chance that companies might merge both positions into one to reduce their investment in the company or to cut costs.

Although all the statements I heard, may not sound fully logical right now. But who knows about the future. Any thoughts?

Apologies for my bad English.”

This entire thread deserves your attention because some of the answers are very controversial, some of them hilarious and other ones are ridiculous. I picked this answer as the most neutral. By the way, do you think the future of QA in UX design stands for website automation testing?

Future of testing>> check this thread out in the r/softwaretesting  Reddit community.


I hope you enjoyed our new issue of Software Testing Talks for April.

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