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Olga is a full-time writer and graphic designer in the IT industry. After gaining interest in FinTech and Quality assurance and her artistic background, she joined aqua in 2021 as a Content Creator. She enjoys spending her free time reading books about various subjects and enjoys software without any maintenance and problems.

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aqua ALM vs PractiTest — the best test management tool vs the best all-in-one tool
In this article, we are intending to review the difference between aqua ALM and PractiTest, two similar and very productive test management tools currently popular in the market.
April 2, 2022
aqua VS Zephyr — superlative but different
aqua and Zephyr Enterprise provide management staff, development and test teams with the software they can rely on. However, choosing between two tools with approximately similar functionality is pretty challenging. Let's compare what features they have and what users say about them.
April 2, 2022
aqua VS Zephyr — Superlative, aber anders
aqua und Zephyr Enterprise bieten Führungskräften, Entwicklungs- und Testteams die Software, auf die sie sich verlassen können. Die Wahl zwischen zwei Tools mit annähernd ähnlichen Funktionen ist jedoch eine Herausforderung. Vergleichen wir, welche Funktionen sie haben und was die Benutzer über sie sagen.
April 2, 2022
Software testing talks #11: QA happiness, testers’ cookbook and cyberpunk
Every month in our Software Testing Talks, we browse through all popular testers’ and software developers' discussions to see what new or emerging trends we should pay attention to.
April 2, 2022
What is white box testing?
White box testing is a type of software testing that does contribution to software quality engineering in software engineering.
April 2, 2022