Software testing talks #13
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January 16, 2023

Software testing talks #13: learning ML from basics, tips for the first interview & the best Christmas present for testers

It's been a long time since we released an article with the latest software talks, but we are back! So here is the 13th edition of our monthly Software Testing Talks that covers the latest news and discussions in the quality assurance and software development community in December 2022.

Tania Zhydkova
Looking for quality assured and reliable content? Look no further! We gathered everything about software testing trends from the most popular Linkedin groups, subreddits and Twitter threads so that you can read them all at once.
And remember that we have a LinkedIn group devoted to Software Testing Talks. So if you don’t want to wait until the beginning of next month to get another portion of tech news, get it right away from the group and discuss all significant events with like-minded people.
We know that the whole of December was flooded with many projects, and chatGPT, released on November 30, completely took over the space. In case you’ve missed it, this tweet will tell you more about the promising tool. But today, we want to cover other topics that might also interest you.

Here’s what we have in stock for you today:

How to learn computer vision and machine learning from basics? 

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are not the easiest subjects to learn, but it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and rewarding. This field includes a variety of tasks, for example, object recognition and scene understanding.
However, this can be challenging for many people interested in learning these topics but need to become more familiar with coding or mathematics. So how can a person with no coding experience learn it?
“Hey Folks , I am not from science background but I want to learn computer vision and machine learning from basics? How to approach and where to start?”

The most popular answer was the one from fortyeightD:

Software testing talks #13 ml

>>> Check this thread out here.

What's the best way to prepare for an interview if I'm new to software testing?

The following helpful thread from December was from a Redditor just finishing a software testing course. They were asking the community about their first interview and what is the best way to prepare for it. This thread has valuable information on the best way to prepare and what should be considered before you take your interview.
“I’m just finishing software testing from a school called TEK school I was wondering what’s the best way to prepare for an interview I’m intermediate using selenium I suck at using cucumber and I’m intermediate at Java also does anyone have any recommendations to get better at those.”

Here’s an answer from one of the redditors at r/softwaretestingHolahoohoo:

Software testing talks #13 new

>>> Check this thread out in the r/softwaretesting Reddit community.

Which notification would testers like to get?

We asked our community in Sotware Testing Talks what kind of notification they wanted to get.
They had a few options on the plate:
  • Find out that your code has no bugs
  • Get a promotion
  • Become a senior
  • Meet the project deadline

Apparently, promotion is the most desired among testers, and the comment from paradauxs proves it.

Software testing talks #13 notification

Can AI replace a person?

AI has a great potential to reduce repetitive and mundane tasks, especially in the area of testing, where AI can be applied significantly to enhance effectiveness, performance and efficiency.
AI can definitely aid developers in all stages of the application lifecycle – from requirements analysis to regression testing and maintenance.

But do you think AI can replace a real person? That’s the question that was explored by Alexander Pushkarev in the following LinkedIn post.

Software testing talks #13 ai

Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

The best Christmas present

Another Redditor, kingofNoobies, wanted to find out what an ideal Christmas present for a tester is.
The easiest way to find it out is to ask the true testers.

hey posted a meme and asked whether someone wanted the same thing from Santa.

Software testing talks #13 santa

So, what will make testers’ all about Quality? This Reddit thread has got some good answers.

Read more in the comments.

And that’s a wrap on our December compilation of Software Testing Talks.
I hope you will take the opportunity to connect with us on Linkedin or via Reddit to get our monthly discussion lists directly to your feed. See you in January with fresh updates from software testing communities.
I am happy to hear your feedback, suggestions, or ideas about what you would like me to write more about. Don’t hesitate to text me if you want to say hi or discuss something. Contact me on Linkedin!
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