aqua 21.2 release: labels, Jira improvements, and extended options for test executions
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February 7, 2023

aqua 21.2 release: labels, Jira improvements, and extended options for test executions

We just released a new aqua version - 21.2 with new and improved functionality and want to elaborate on some features so that you can make the most out of it.

Martin Koch

We just released a new aqua version – 21.2 with new and improved functionality and want to elaborate on some features so that you can make the most out of it.

Labels and sub-labels for easy organization and faster tracking

If you are looking for an option to quickly provide specific information during the test execution or find a way to track more details about the test results, we got you covered.

From now on, you can swiftly do it by adding simple but yet powerful labels.

labels in test management tool aqua

Moreover, you are flexible in deciding when to create or add it. It may come in handy either during the test execution or from the test scenario grid while planning the test run.

Labels can represent:

The system, application, or device characteristics under the test; 
Information about the test environment;
Any other details about the test case or execution. 

The possibilities of using labels go well beyond the standard flow. In aqua, you can create sub-labels. It is incredibly convenient when there is a need to unite some attributes under one logical group and re-use it across the project. With this option, you can ensure that all test cases encompass the necessary details for seamless execution and results tracking. 

labels and sublabels in test management tool aqua

The best part of the labels and sub-labels is providing additional information for QAs a breeze.

While labels can play a significant role in the testing process, we anticipate that there might be cases when you need to drop a note or explain why you added this particular label. Having the description, you can quickly refresh your memory or give context to those working with it later.

Don’t wait and be a trailblazer. Try this new feature and tell us your feedback.

Jira improvements to streamline the workflow

For those using Jira as a part of their workflow, we made the following changes to tailor the features to the needs of the companies. These tweaks will save time for sure. Check below how.

Jira plugin enhancement

Instead of choosing from the 20 recently modified test cases, you now have the complete list of all available test cases. To zero the performance issues in projects with thousands of items, we added pagination. Switch between the pages and add the needed ones without any extra effort. 

Jira synchronization

There is more freedom given to basic project members when it comes to the configuration of Jira synchronization. With the new improvement, even users without admin permissions can set everything up and jump-start the Jira integration with aqua.

Creating reports from a context menu

To ensure our product keeps pace and remains relevant for our customers, we continue to implement heavily used functionality in the desktop client to the web version.  

From now on, when you need to create a report for specific items quickly, you can do it with just a few clicks from the context menu.

Have you found during the search two items with identical names? Not a problem! A comparison report that will help you spot the differences is already available for you in the web version.

Extended options for test executions to avoid extra work

Continue test case executions

As our userbase grows, we keep searching for a way to cover more use cases to guarantee that aqua as an enterprise solution simplifies and fast-track the testing process.

With this thought in mind, we added a few extra options to run a test execution and rolled out it with the new version.

aqua test management

From now on, a QA can check whether the previous test case execution is finalized from the context menu of the test case. If the test execution is not finished, the option to continue it will be active. More specifically, once a user clicks on it, he will navigate to the exact place where a QA stopped it.

The option to proceed with the test execution is also available for the test scenario. When a test case is a part of a test scenario, a tester can continue the test execution by hitting the corresponding button and choosing the required test scenario. 

These new features help to omit the double work and avoid clutter with identical unfinished test executions while generating a report.

Test execution timer

To make sure that aqua meets the requirements and policies of any company, we implemented fully customizable test execution time tracking. 

The timer starts tracking the time by default, but at any time along the way, a user can stop, start, log or adjust the time spent with a click. The set time will be saved in the test execution history.

Working with attachments becomes easier

Meet a few minor improvements that enable you to find or add the needed attachment in a matter of minutes to any item working at:

✅  Timestamps on the attachments to help identify which file is the newest and choose the relevant one.

✅  Option to add attachments via СK editor from the earlier uploaded files to the content and help to minimize the number of duplicates.

That’s it about what is new and what is improved. 

And while the aqua team keeps working on the awesome features and enhancements for you, we want to say: Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the New Year!

merry christmas


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