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February 7, 2023

aqua 22.6 release: Sprint board, Chrome extension, and more

Welcome to aqua’s product blog post unwrapping 22.6 release. This is one of our biggest monthly updates yet. It comes with several impactful features and small improvements that we think you will love. It’s a joy to continue helping your teams work faster and easier.

Kate Hornysh

Here are the main highlights of 22.6 release:

  • Backlog
  • Sprint board
  • Chrome extension to run test execution and record the steps
  • Test execution statistics (progress bar)
  • ‘Not applicable’ status for the test execution
  • Option to filter test cases that should be added to a test scenario by certain attributes
  • Option to add test cases to existing test scenarios
  • Test cases custom fields on the test scenario page
  • Change the order of the test cases within the test scenario by drag and drop
  • Copying of items between the projects. 
  • New look and feel for the User Administration page and statistics
  • Permissions on the folder level
  • Support of the field type „rich text“ in the web client
  • Option to set up an application language
  • Increase the limit for the number of string fields per project
  • Actual result template
  • History: show who last edited the test execution step
  • Support of Ranorex 10.0


‘You love agile? So do we!’ That is why we collected a lot of insights from our customers —  enthusiasts of agile artefacts such as backlog and scrum board — and distilled the essentials to build streamlined yet powerful features. Long story short, we are thrilled to announce that Agile features are now available in aqua’s web version. 


Each project now has a Backlog of all requirements and defects organised as one list of issues. It has all the necessary item attributes to give an instant overview and help you set priorities.

The backlog is pure fun to use. You can drag and drop items to move them within the list. 

A well-organised and clear backlog minimises workplace distractions by at least 10%. Your colleagues always know what to do, and they won’t be asking you what their next task is. They won’t have to wait for you to finish all the super-duper important meetings or a cup of coffee either. Simple and effective.

Backlog of all requirements and defects in aqua test management tool

Agile board

What Agile project can be without a Scrum board? Here it comes!

You can create a sprint with just a few clicks, set a date, and define the goal of the sprint in the description field. It can also be used to provide any important information that will be helpful to anybody who is involved in the process.

Agile board in aqua test management tool

Pro aqua tip: try to drag and drop items to the newly created board. You will be surprised how easily you can add additional items to the sprint even without opening a ticket. Such a time-saver. 

If your team works in Kanban, just create a board without any timeframes and check the work-in-progress to maximise efficiency.

New options in test executions

Chrome extension to run test executions faster

With aqua Test Recorder you reduce the time spent on running your tests by 2X. While testing the webpage, you don’t need to switch between aqua and the application under the test because you have everything at hand and can focus on the flow and finding the bugs.

aqua Test Recorder documents each event and navigation action you perform. Hence, you have all steps to verify that everything works as expected or report the issue.

Chrome extension for aqua


Get a quick overview of the test execution statistics to understand the end result and see if there are any failed or blocked test executions. It can be a good option when you don’t have time to go through test reports or don’t need deeper reporting. This is a simple way to see if you can tell the project manager that a new feature is ready to be deployed or there is anything that needs to be fixed.

statistics dashboard in aqua

Additional status

When a test step describes some OS/hardware test that is not available for the currently tested environment/device, the new test step status ‘Not applicable’ comes in handy. It helps QA specialists avoid creating tons of test cases that are only slightly different. By setting this status, you can continue the test execution without affecting the overall result of the test run. Less time on designing the test cases->faster test execution->hence more time to focus on what really matters.

additional status in aqua

New powers in test scenarios

Adding test case based on filters

Now it’s much easier to add test cases to the test scenario. We’ve added powerful filtering available at your fingertips to quickly navigate your test cases.

In case you need to add the test cases into the existing test scenario from the test cases navigation tab, we added this option there too. 

Moreover, you can filter test scenarios by their attributes, which simplifies the search immensely.

test cases navigation in aqua

Custom fields on test scenario grid

Custom fields from test cases can now be viewed on the test scenario page and organised in any order that matches your preferences. 

Got enough information and need to change the sequence of the test cases within the test scenario? Just drag and drop them to alter the order.

Custom fields in aqua test management tool

Desktop features now available in aqua web

Copy items between the projects

The feature that was exclusively available only to the rich client is now at your disposal at the web version. Choose a single item or select a bunch of them and copy them. Open the needed project and paste. Voila, your items are now in the target project too. 

Set permissions on a folder level

With the new look and feel of the User Administration page, we introduce an option to assign permissions per folder. In case you want to define which folder should be accessible for whom and at what level, choose the role with the predefined permissions and set it for the user with just a few clicks.

permissions on a folder level in aqua

Support field type ‘rich text’ in aqua web client

We added this type of field to ensure that if you use this type of field in desktop or Jira projects, it will be synced with the web version without any data loss.

A bunch of small improvements to enhance your aqua experience

Set up application language

From now on, you can set your language preferences for the application. Choose between English and German or keep this setting in sync with your browser language. 

Custom fields tweaks

Don’t feel limited when it comes to providing the information in a free form inside the items.

The limit for the number of text fields per item is increased to 35! But be careful of adding ONLY string fields. It might get your tickets to look very convoluted. We have a bunch of other field types that can fit into any flow.

Our team want to thank all our customers for the feedback and new ideas that help us build a more and more robust and useful solution for companies with high standards.

Actual result template

Working in a large team of QAs sometimes may become quite challenging, especially when it comes to keeping everything organized according to company standards.

Meet our new enhancement ‘Actual result template’, which may come in handy if you need to record the actual result for all test execution steps in a particular form with specific information.

Actual result template in aqua

Show who last edited the test step actual result

If you have multiple people who can run the test case and you need to keep track of who was the last person to update the actual result, we introduced the enhancement. From now on, when somebody edits the actual result template of a saved execution, there will be a timestamp with a username next to the field.

timestamp with a username in aqua

Ranorex 10.0 version

In this release, we also included support for the Ranorex 10.0 version.

Please, enjoy using new features. Once you notice anything that can be improved, don’t hesitate to write us at We are always open to new ideas.

There are a lot of exciting features and improvements are on the way! Want to have a sneak peek? Here you are:  we are about to send live our chrome extension for aqua. This assistant will help to run your test case much faster!  Stay tuned for more updates. 

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