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June 24, 2024

Product Release 24.7 & 24.33: Seamless Integration, Enhanced AI, Streamlined Collaboration & more

We're excited to share Product Release 24.7, crafted with you in mind. This update brings a suite of enhancements aimed at making your experience with aqua even more delightful and productive. From seamless integration to turbocharged AI and streamlined collaboration features, we're committed to helping you work smarter and achieve your goals effortlessly.

Kate Hornysh
Nurlan Suleymanov

aqua4Jira Plugin - Now Compatible with Jira Data Center!

Transition smoothly to Jira Data Center with our updated aqua4Jira plugin. Whether you’re migrating from Jira Server or already utilising Jira Data Center, our plugin is your seamless integration solution. Follow our comprehensive guide to uninstall the previous version and switch to the Data Center version effortlessly, ensuring compatibility and uninterrupted workflow.


Migrate to Azure Open AI in the EU Effortlessly

Experience compliance peace of mind and enhanced AI performance with our migration to Azure’s EU data centres. Designed for users requiring alignment with the European Union’s data protection regulations, this migration ensures not only regulatory adherence but also improved latency for EU users. While no action is necessary from your end, feel free to contact our support team to explore using AI on the public and private cloud.

Faster and More Stable AI for Your Best Experience

Enjoy a smoother and faster AI experience across various tasks within aqua. Whether you’re refining user stories, translating texts, or generating requirements and test cases, our AI Copilot now delivers responses within seconds. Dive into your workflow with confidence, knowing that routine tasks are handled swiftly, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Try it out today and share your feedback as we continually enhance your user experience.

AI Copilot in Better Harmony with Your Permissions

Elevate security and user experience with our intelligent upgrade to AI Copilot’s role and permissions system. Seamlessly integrated with user capabilities, this update ensures that users only access and modify items within their designated permissions. Experience enhanced clarity and security as users are guided and informed when attempting actions beyond their authorised capabilities. Explore this refined role management system and streamline your workflow securely.

Empowering Team Collaboration: Keep Everyone in the Loop with Watcher Notifications

Foster collaboration and transparency within your team by adding users as watchers to tickets. Keep the team updated on changes across various ticket types, enhancing communication and awareness within your project. With simple steps to manage watchers’ preferences, ensure relevant team members are always in the loop, promoting efficient teamwork and project management.

Voice-Enabled Screen Capture: Master Communication with Integrated Mic

Master attention to detail and comprehension with the option to enable the mic during screen captures, where plain videos might not help. Perfect for explaining complex flows or providing instructions, this feature streamlines collaboration and ensures a clear understanding of the root cause of the issue among team members. Use our guide for integrating mic-enabled screen captures seamlessly into your workflow and enhancing your productivity.

Pausing and Resuming Recording at Your Convenience

Achieve polished and precise video captures with the ability to pause and resume recordings. Whether you need to address unexpected interruptions or focus on specific steps, this feature allows you to capture only what’s essential, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your recordings. Check out our guide to master pausing and resuming video captures and elevate your screen recording experience.

Share last-minute - report that pesky bug

Expedite bug reporting with our ‘Last minute’ recording feature. Capture elusive bugs as they occur and generate comprehensive bug reports with detailed technical information included. Simplify troubleshooting and resolution by providing precise and timely information to your development team. Our guide will help you integrate this feature seamlessly into your workflow and ensure efficient bug tracking and resolution.

Product Update 24.33: New HTML Editor is Here!

Introducing aqua’s new HTML editor, designed with user-friendly features and advanced capabilities to cater to diverse users. 

Guide: Revamped Font Selection: 

Now, changing font styles is effortless. Simply highlight the text, click on the font button, and choose from various available font options to customise your content. 

Note: We’re expanding our font selection! Share your preferred fonts, and we’ll consider adding them to our collection. Font and Background Customization: 

  1. Select Font Color: Customize text colours seamlessly. Highlight the text, click the font colour button (represented by a letter ‘A’ with a colour stripe underneath), and access a spectrum of colours. You can even input specific RGB values for precise customisation, ensuring your text aligns perfectly with your brand or personal preferences. 
  2. Change Background Color: Enhance readability or emphasise sections by altering background colours. With the paint bucket icon on the toolbar, choose from a range of colours or input RGB values to find the perfect shade. 

Effortless Table Management 

Streamline content organisation with customisable tables. Adjust column widths, alter row heights, or apply different styles effortlessly, maintaining complete control over your table’s appearance.

Jira Integration Enhanced

Filter Test Cases or Test Scenarios with Precision: Refine your search within the Jira plugin page easily. Choose logical conditions like “And,” “Or,” “Not And,” or “Not Or” to create complex search queries. Use basic filters and an “Apply” button to execute your chosen filters seamlessly. 

Preview Test Scenario Statistics Linked to Jira Issues: 

Gain insights into test scenario progress directly from Jira. Each executed test scenario is accompanied by a progress bar, using different colours to denote its status: Green for passed tests, Orange for blocked executions, Red for failures, and Grey for non-executed tests. Hover over the progress bar for detailed statistics, providing comprehensive insights into your test scenarios.

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