The top 5 programming languages
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May 25, 2023

The top 5 programming languages

If you want to be a designer rather than a spectator of the digital change, there is no way around the most popular programming languages.

Tania Zhydkova

The “zeros” and “ones” have long since become the international “language” of the future. Development teams all over the world communicate in this way. GitHub or Stack Overflow are among the central exchange platforms and common collection points for various code repositories.

For example, GitHub publishes the “State of the Octoverse” report every year. Among other things, this report documents the most popular new languages in the USA (these are not just fancy cloud programming languages). Given the importance of the open source library in Silicon Valley for developers, this report is considered a guide to the industry.


Top 5 programming languages












popularity of programming languages

The popularity of “C#” and “Shell” rose strongly in 2019. For the first time “Python” surpassed “Java” as the second most popular language.

Results in other studies on top popular programming languages vary slightly depending on the source and survey area. However, whether StackOverflow, SlashData or RedMonk, they all have in common that “JavaScript”, “Java” and “Python” are high up in the ranking.

The trends

However, the coming trends in programming can be seen in something else – the fastest growing new languages. Here too, the “State of the Octoverse” report provides an overview. With an increase of 532 % within one year, “Dart” is in first place. It is followed by “Rust” with 235 % and “HCL” with 213 % in the USA.

In addition, a trend towards statically typed languages can be observed. This is based on the security and interoperability of fonts: The “Rust”, “Kotlin” and “TypeScript” communities are still growing rapidly on programming languages ranking.


In retrospect, the languages that cover a wide range of uses and enable compatibility with other languages show a high degree of consistency over time. And the more constant a language is, the higher the confidence of the users in it. Nevertheless, more and more new languages will be added at an ever increasing rate in the future. It remains to be seen how these will establish themselves in the long term and what international fan base they will attract.

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What are the main programming languages?

The main programming languages are JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and C#. 

Which programming language is best to learn?

That depends on your goals. Generally, Python would be the most universal programming language while also being extremely beginner-friendly.

Which is the easiest coding language?

Python is a popular answer thanks to not using too many abstract concepts and offering syntax similar to how you write in English. 

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