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April 15, 2024

How do you achieve 4x faster test case creation with AI?

The test case creation process can make or break your whole testing efforts. The time-consuming nature of this crucial phase often affects your productivity, affecting your release dates and time-to-market goals. But here's a promising solution: you can use AI to create test cases to reduce the manual effort and enhance the efficiency of the testing phase in software development. Are you ready to learn how? Then, this article is your go-to guide.

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The challenges you face in test case creation

Test case creation is not always a smooth process, is it? In fact, you will find yourself dealing with various obstacles, including the following ones: 

  1. Time Drain: Ever found yourself spending countless hours documenting test cases? This time directly affects your project deadlines and throws a wrench into your time-to-market goals. When you’re juggling multiple tasks, cutting precious hours from the test case creation process becomes crucial. 
  2. Complexity and Oversight: Ensuring you’ve covered all bases in your software’s complexity feels like a huge task. The risk of missing crucial scenarios is real, and let’s be honest, it’s a nerve-wracking experience. We’ve all been there, navigating these complexities in test case creation, hoping we haven’t overlooked something critical. You must analyse data comprehensively and spot potential scenarios that might slip through the cracks, which is not always easy. 
  3. Resource Drain: Your resources are valuable, and when a substantial chunk of them goes into the manual creation of test cases, it’s more than just a numbers game. It’s about your effort, time, and energy that could be channelled into more strategic tasks. If you are freed from the resource-intensive nature of manual test case creation, you can focus on tasks that truly demand their expertise. 
  4. Maintenance Challenges: Software is a moving target, and keeping your test cases updated is an ongoing challenge. The constant back-and-forth of updating and maintaining cases can be draining. To deal with this, you should adapt to these changes seamlessly, potentially minimising the headaches in the process.
  5. Impact on Project Milestones: You’ve probably felt the pressure of project deadlines. When test case creation becomes a bottleneck, the domino effect on your project milestones is hard to ignore. In this case, you need to significantly speed up this phase, breaking down the barriers that often harm your project progress.

Recognising these challenges and understanding how they affect your workflow is key. But how do you deal with them? In the following parts, we are going to talk about a solution that will transform these pain points into areas of enhanced efficiency and productivity for you and your team.

Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.

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How can AI make a difference?

AI-powered solutions have taken over many industries, especially in the past few months, with the rise of GPT solutions. The testing industry is no exception. According to Gartner, by 2025, 30% of enterprises will implement an AI-powered development and testing strategy, compared to 5% in 2021. Now, let’s see how AI-based test case generation will help you deal with the challenges above:

  1. Faster Test Case Creation: AI accelerates the generation of test cases by swiftly analysing historical data and patterns. It quickly processes lots of information and finds recurring structures, common scenarios, and potential test case outlines. AI then uses this to suggest and create new test cases without needing constant guidance. This efficiency means you spend significantly less time on test case management, and focus more on refining strategies without sacrificing speed. 
  2. Thoroughness and Precision: AI can examine huge amounts of data. By examining all this information, it makes sure to cover a wide range of situations you can overlook when creating test cases manually. This thorough process makes testing more complete and accurate, providing extra assurance for strong and reliable software. 
  3. Resource Efficiency: Using AI for writing test cases liberates your team from repetitive tasks. With AI, instead of manually outlining these cases individually, the system analyses past similar features or functionalities. So, you eliminate the routine and dedicate your expertise to higher-value activities. This optimisation saves time and boosts overall productivity and team morale. 
  4. Adaptive Maintenance: AI-driven solutions evolve alongside your software. AI swiftly updates and modifies test cases as your product progresses, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention. This adaptability ensures that your test cases remain relevant and effective throughout the software lifecycle.
  5. Smooth Project Progress: Saving time, resources and energy also affects your progress, especially in the Agile methodologies. Using AI to create test cases means your team completes tasks faster, meets deadlines and achieves project milestones more efficiently. In essence, AI facilitates a quicker and more efficient project progression, benefiting the overall development process for quality assurance.

Test Case creation: manual vs aqua’s AI (Practical example)

So, after all the theoretical concepts, it’s time to show you how practical AI is in speeding up the test case generation process. We give you just one example, you can test aqua and decide for yourself how much time you’ll save per day or week. 

For this example, we opted to focus on the functionality of allowing users to upload various types of attachments to the ticket system:

requirement creation

The emphasis lies in creating a seamless user experience that leads to quick issue resolution. As you can see, we have a description and acceptance criteria to guide aqua’s AI in creating the best possible test case for us. We want a user-friendly interface where users can effortlessly upload files of different formats, images, documents, or archives all in one go. This will save our user’s time and enhance their satisfaction by providing a comprehensive platform for sharing relevant information. After creating the requirement, you just go on and click on “Test It!” and wait for a few seconds.

And here is the test case generated by aqua’s AI:

This test case involves a series of actions, including checking file types and sizes, navigating through upload interfaces, and handling potential errors. It covers all aspects of the attachment upload functionality outlined in the requirements. It systematically tests each process step, from initiating the upload to verifying the uploaded files, downloading, and deleting them. Additionally, it includes scenarios for error handling, ensuring that users are appropriately notified in case of invalid file types or exceeding size limits. Overall, the test case generated by aqua provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the attachment upload feature in the ticket system.

aqua’s AI completes it in just 13 seconds. That gives us a staggering 98% faster results! Here is how we compared it:

The test case example above consisted of 269 words, including the test case itself and the description. It would take approximately 18 minutes to generate it manually, considering each word takes 3 seconds to write, and each step requires at least 30 seconds to contemplate before typing. With aqua? It took less than seconds. It is 98% faster! Now, imagine how much time you will save if you create hundreds of these test cases. We are not talking about hours; we are talking about DAYS here. It doesn’t end here. aqua’s AI also empowers you with customisable options to tailor your output to your exact needs.

Want a diverse set of test cases, including negative, positive, functional, and performance tests? Simply enable the corresponding options, and aqua will generate a comprehensive suite to cover all bases. Also, for larger requirements, aqua offers the flexibility to split test cases into manageable chunks, ensuring thorough coverage without overwhelming users. And the best part? These customisations come at no expense to speed or efficiency, making the test case creation process smoother and more efficient.

Impressed with all these? aqua will be your ultimate QA ally. With its intuitive interface and AI copilot, aqua streamlines your test case creation, automates workflows, and ensures comprehensive test coverage. Its advanced features, like sophisticated item relations and nested test case support, guarantee comprehensive test coverage without the hassle of repetitive tasks. Plus, aqua facilitates test case reusability, maximising your efficiency. aqua provides robust API connectivity and generates detailed test reports for every test cycle by seamlessly integrating with your existing QA tools. And with aqua’s AI copilot ensuring full-scale assistance without compromising data integrity, you can trust that your whole testing process is in good hands, not just test case creation. Ready to experience all the mentioned test case management tool benefits?

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Test case generation with AI transforms how you approach software testing. It speeds up test planning, improves accuracy, and helps you work more efficiently. These are not just words; in this article, we have shown a specific example of how aqua’s AI can save you more than 98% of your time when creating test cases. However, using AI will streamline not just your test case management but also your whole test management process. So, it is up to you to decide: are you ready to cut all the redundant work and focus on what matters the most? If you said “YES!”, then contact us immediately and let us handle it for you.

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