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Customer Success Manager at aqua
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Robert has several years of experience in process optimisation and test management. He is an expert in defining and implementing workflows by adapting aqua to the clients’ processes.

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Wie erstellt man einen Software-Testplan?
Manche glauben, dass die Erstellung eines Software-Testplans ein Relikt der Vergangenheit ist. Schließlich lässt die moderne, auf Agile basierende, iterative Entwicklung wenig Raum für eine strenge Planung der laufenden Aktivitäten. Gehen wir der Frage nach, was ein Software-Testplan ist und wie Sie von ihm profitieren können.
May 26, 2022
How to create a software test plan?
Some believe that making a test plan for software testing is a relic of the past. After all, modern Agile-based iterative development leaves little room for rigorous planning of current activities. Let’s dive into what a software test plan is and how you benefit from them.
May 26, 2022
aqua VS Zephyr — superlative but different
aqua and Zephyr Enterprise provide management staff, development and test teams with the software they can rely on. However, choosing between two tools with approximately similar functionality is pretty challenging. Let's compare what features they have and what users say about them.
May 26, 2022