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Robert has several years of experience in process optimisation and test management. He is an expert in defining and implementing workflows by adapting aqua to the clients’ processes.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Rock QA Automation with a Test Management System
I need you to think fast: what percentage of your QA process is automated? If it took you more than 10 seconds to answer, then all the struggle of manual work probably passed right before your eyes. Day-to-day, you still see automation as something you'll fully implement in the future, trying to keep up with the market. But let me tell you a secret: most of your competitors are already automating at least half of their work, while you sometimes struggle with simple tasks for hours, sometimes days. You are so behind the race it is not even worth it. Wow, what a depressing start, huh? Don’t worry; it is still not that late. Let’s get you out of this anxious and unfair competition, giving you a fair chance to look at your opportunities and how you can revolutionise your whole QA with a single Test Management System (TMS).
30 April 2024
Ensuring GDPR Compliance in QA Processes: Effective Strategies
You always thought you might cut corners as a QA manager when it comes to regulations and compliances. For you, it has always been just another bureaucratic hassle. “Who needs these rules?” you would always say. But now, reality has caught up with you. There is a letter sitting on your desk, talking about fines, legal repercussions, and damage to your company's reputation. Now let’s stop for a minute and rise above this pessimistic but also possible outcome. If you think it could be you, this guide should be your wake-up call. Today, we talk about ensuring GDPR compliance in QA processes and how you can master them.
18 April 2024
How do you achieve 4x faster test case creation with AI?
The test case creation process can make or break your whole testing efforts. The time-consuming nature of this crucial phase often affects your productivity, affecting your release dates and time-to-market goals. But here's a promising solution: you can use AI to create test cases to reduce the manual effort and enhance the efficiency of the testing phase in software development. Are you ready to learn how? Then, this article is your go-to guide.
15 April 2024
Requirement Traceability in the Age of AI: List of the Best Practices
Requirement traceability is a crucial stage for QA, but it is also where many errors occur, especially as projects grow in complexity. Picture this: requirements evolve faster than you can track, becoming harder to monitor manually and analyse in different coding and testing stages. These might sound like a lot, but AI steps in as an ultimate solution, saving you time, resources, and energy. How? This article will guide you through the challenges, benefits, and best practices and provide the ultimate tool for your needs.
24 January 2024
How to Master Test Coverage with AI and Cut All Redundant Work – Complete Guide
Did you know that many critical bugs might slip through after deployment? This happens due to incomplete test coverage. But here's some good news: you can fix this using artificial intelligence. AI is a solution that can help you significantly reduce these oversights and redundancies while boosting your test coverage. You might ask, how? In this article, we delve into the pivotal role of AI in enhancing test coverage, pinpointing the precise problem areas and guiding you toward a streamlined, more effective testing process.
28 December 2023
Mastering Test Case Dependencies: A Guide for Effective Testing
In software testing, there's a critical piece that often goes unnoticed but can make or break your testing strategy. We're talking about test case dependencies, and they're more important than you might think. Have you ever felt like you're navigating through chaos when testing software? Test case dependencies can be like a secret map to help you understand it all. They are the key to saving time and resources while avoiding confusion and bottlenecks. In this article, we'll shed light on these hidden connections and show you how to master them, giving your testing team the tools they need to succeed.
05 December 2023
How to Manage and Track Exploratory Testing?
Exploratory testing is a method in software testing that has shown its effectiveness in finding different defects. Unlike following a strict script, it allows testers to explore and interact with the software in a more natural way to identify issues. It uses the tester's intuition and knowledge to uncover any hidden software flaws. Exploratory testing in agile does well on minimising documentation and maximizing hands-on engagement. However, this also poses challenges in measurement and management. So, to help you get a better grasp of it, and how to track and report it, we put together this article.
24 November 2023
Harness the Power of Test Case Libraries for Reusability with This Guide
Efficiency is often the key to success, especially in the testing world, where optimisation is crucial. Instead of constantly reinventing the testing wheel, you can have a library of test cases at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and effort on every project. The real question is, how do you harness the full power of test case libraries in your current and future projects? In this article, we'll explore the answer to this question and provide practical insights to supercharge your testing process.
21 November 2023
The ultimate defect management guide for 2024
In the dynamic software development realm, where creation meets complexity, there is an ever-present challenge: defects. These subtle disruptors have the power to halt progress and diminish user experiences. How do you deal with these defects? We suggest you embark on a journey through prevention, detection, and resolution, unravelling the art of mastering defects.
20 October 2023
Einhaltung gesetzlicher Vorschriften in der IT: 4 Strategien, um IT-Audits zu bestehen
Die Einhaltung von Vorschriften ist schwierig, und die Softwareentwicklung ist da keine Ausnahme. Sie sind nicht gesetzlich verpflichtet, fehlerfreie Software freizugeben, aber es gibt Gesetze und Vorschriften, die vorschreiben, wie Sie Software testen müssen, um Probleme zu minimieren. Wie können Sie die gesetzlichen Anforderungen erfüllen und gleichzeitig die Kosten in einem vernünftigen Rahmen halten? Lesen Sie weiter und finden Sie es heraus.
01 September 2023
Regulatory compliance in IT: 4 strategies to pass IT audits
Regulatory compliance is tough, and software development is no exception. You are not legally obligated to release bug-free software, but there are laws and regulations that dictate how you test software to minimise issues. How do you stay on top of regulatory demands while keeping the expenses reasonable? Read on to find out.
01 September 2023
Fristenmanagement: Ihr Leitfaden für friedliche Arbeit
Nehmen wir an, Sie arbeiten im Bereich des Testens von Software und versuchen sicherzustellen, dass die neue App, über die alle reden, auch wirklich gut wird. Aber Moment mal - von irgend woher tauchen immer wieder knappe, unerwartete Fristen auf, und plötzlich stellt sich die große Frage: „Hey, wie gehen wir mit diesen verrückten Fristen im QS-Prozess um?“ Kannst du im Wettlauf mit der Zeit alles auf einem hohen Niveau halten?
31 August 2023
Deadline management: your guide to peaceful work
Let’s say you work in software testing, trying to make sure that the new app everyone talks about is all set to shine. But, hold up — tight, unexpected deadlines are starting to pop up from somewhere, and suddenly, the big question hits you: "Hey, how do we handle these crazy deadlines in the QA process?" Can you keep things top-notch while racing against the clock?
31 August 2023
Warum die Root Cause Analysis / Ursachenanalyse (RCA) Ihr Verbündeter bei der Problemlösung ist
Hier ist ein Szenario, das nicht viel Vorstellungsvermögen erfordert: Sie sind Teil eines Software-Entwicklungsteams, und ein kritischer Fehler tritt immer wieder auf und stört den reibungslosen Ablauf Ihrer Anwendung. Sie beheben ihn, nur um festzustellen, dass er in einer anderen Form wieder auftaucht. Sie können diesen Kreislauf der schnellen Lösungen fortsetzen oder einen Schritt zurücktreten und eine grundlegende Frage stellen: „Was ist überhaupt die Ursache für dieses anhaltende Problem?“
31 August 2023
Why root cause analysis (RCA) is your problem-solving ally
Here is a scenario that doesn’t require much imagination: you're part of a software development team, and a critical bug keeps occurring, disrupting the seamless flow of your application. You patch it up, only to find it resurfacing in a different form. You could continue this cycle of quick fixes or step back and ask a fundamental question: "What's causing this persistent issue in the first place?"
31 August 2023
Risk-based testing: benefits, real examples, and 4 mistakes to avoid
Software developers and testers have more things to do than they could possibly fit in their schedule. It only gets worse in large projects, and the cost of error is much higher. Risk-based testing (RBT) is one of the methods to prioritise the test suite and get the best output in the time you have. Read on to find arguments, real-life examples, and practical steps for risk-based software testing.
29 August 2023
The ultimate bug reporting guide you should not miss
As a QA professional, you know that bug reports are the backbone of delivering exceptional software. But have you ever found yourself struggling with conveying bugs effectively, resulting in delays, misunderstandings, and frustration among your team?
21 August 2023
Revolutionising mobile app testing with AI: essential tools and expert tips
Do manual mobile testing and even regular automation no longer cut it, resulting in delays and frustrations? Ensuring top-notch performance and a seamless user experience for mobile apps across many devices and operating systems is increasingly challenging every day. But worry not: AI in mobile app testing is the game-changing solution you have always sought, even if you never heard of it.
18 August 2023
Top 3 Micro Focus Quality Center alternatives that do what it can’t
Micro Focus Quality Center has been a staple of quality assurance for almost three decades. It was a pioneer in 1995, but the dating feature set and convenience are just some reasons to look for Micro Focus alternatives now. Learn your key options below in less than 10 minutes.
10 August 2023
Top 3 Qase alternatives to meet any scale
Qase is one of the latest test management solutions to enter the market. Despite competing with much more mature tool, it has gained a reputation for being a modern and sleek solution. But limited feature set and deployment models may make you seek Qase alternatives, and we are here to help.
08 August 2023
How to write better tests with AI
Are your current testing methods falling short, leaving you with inadequate coverage and overlooked issues? Traditional testing methods often struggle to keep up with modern software development requirements. But fear not; this article is all you need.
01 August 2023
14 extremely useful Chrome extensions for developers
Hey, developers out there! We know what's bugging you daily: navigating complex codebases, optimising workflows, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. That's why we're here to lend a helping hand. Sometimes this overwhelming job can require 120% effort from you, so we bring you a handpicked selection of 14 game-changing Chrome extensions.
14 July 2023
Die BaFin ist das wachsame Auge für die IT-Infrastruktur von Versicherungen – was Sie tun können
Nicht nur Banken: Die IT-Aufseher der BaFin haben auch die Infrastruktur von Versicherungsunternehmen im Visier. Während die Banken gezwungen werden, ihre Infrastruktur zu verbessern, um keine Geldstrafen zu riskieren, macht die BaFin dasselbe mit den Versicherungsunternehmen. Lassen Sie uns erklären, was die zusätzliche Aufmerksamkeit der BaFin für Ihr Versicherungsgeschäft bedeutet und welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben.
07 July 2023
BaFin keeps a close eye on the Insurance IT infrastructure — here is what you can do
It’s not just banks: the IT supervisors at BaFin have had their sights at the infrastructure of Insurance companies as well. While making banks step up their infrastructure or risk fines, BaFin are doing the same to insurance companies. Let’s explain what the extra attention from BaFin means for your insurance business and what options you have.
07 July 2023
Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing: Difference with Examples
In the realm of software testing, two terms often find themselves at the forefront: smoke testing and sanity testing. While these concepts might sound similar and even interchangeable to a non-tester, they represent distinct approaches that serve unique purposes in QA. To navigate the complex software testing world, you must understand the fundamental differences between both, and this article will provide everything you need on the topic.
28 June 2023
Master test documentation: 7 expert tips for error-free testing
Picture this: you and your team have worked tirelessly on a software project for a few months. You've run many tests, identified a lot of bugs, and made endless improvements to the code. However, during the QA audit, you received feedback that revealed a critical mistake in your testing approach: the documentation was incomplete, confusing, and in some places, even incorrect. What went wrong?
13 June 2023
6 tips to empower colleagues with development feedback
Software development is a field where you can work both hard and smart. Good feedback keeps the morale up and makes your teammates perform better. Let’s see how you can ascent to great feedback.
07 June 2023
6 best AI tools for UI/UX testing
Having a hard time delivering visually appealing, intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces that engage users and keep them returning? Creating a great user experience requires more than just designing a pretty interface - it is also testing to ensure the design meets users' needs. And this is where UX/UI testing tools with artificial intelligence come into play.
31 May 2023
3 KI-Testing-Tools, die Unternehmen im Jahr 2024 nicht ignorieren können
Künstliche Intelligenz ist im 2023 wieder zum Mainstream geworden. KI-Testsoftware für Unternehmen ist jedoch schon seit Jahren auf dem Markt. Schauen wir uns 3 besondere Lösungen an, welche die Produktivität Ihrer Software-Mitarbeiter deutlich steigern werden.
30 March 2023
3 AI testing tools that Enterprise companies can’t ignore in 2024
Artificial intelligence got mainstream again in 2023. Enterprise AI testing software, however, has been on the market for years. Let’s look at 3 distinctive solutions that will give your software people an ample boost in productivity.
30 March 2023
Warum automatisierte Tests der beste Weg zur digitalen Transformation sind
Heutzutage sind sich viele Unternehmen bewusst, dass sie mit einem potenziell schmerzhaften und teuren Problem konfrontiert sind: Ihre derzeitigen Testprozesse müssen auf hohem Niveau automatisiert werden. In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, was es wirklich bedeutet, automatisierte Tests in Ihrer Strategie zu vermeiden
03 January 2023
Why automated testing is the best path to digital transformation
Nowadays, many organisations realise that they're facing a potentially painful and expensive problem: their current testing processes need to be high-notch automated. In this article, you'll learn the true value of avoiding automated testing in your strategy
03 January 2023
Die 10 größten Probleme im QS-Management und ihre Lösung
Die Qualitätssicherung ist ein nuancierter und sich entwickelnder Bereich, der nicht vernachlässigt werden darf. Je fortschrittlicher und funktionsreicher Ihr Produkt ist, desto mehr potenzielle Fehlerquellen müssen Sie beachten. Schauen wir uns einige der wichtigsten Fallen im Testmanagement an, damit Ihr Produkt nicht auf sie stoßen muss.
03 January 2023
Top 10 QA management problems and their solution
Quality Assurance is a nuanced and developing area that can’t be neglected. The more advanced and feature-rich your product is, the more potential points of failure you need to look out. Let’s look at some of the key test management pitfalls so that your product does not have to stare down at them.
03 January 2023
Top 12 Low-Code-Automatisierungstools für QS und mehr im Jahr 2024
Low-Code-Tools sind ein immer beliebterer Trend in der IT-Branche. In den letzten Jahren war es schwierig, genügend fähiges Personal zu finden, das nicht zu den Junioren gehört, und manchmal ist auch das Budget für Tests knapp. Könnte Low-Code-Testing die Lösung für QS sein? Lesen Sie weiter, um Ihre Möglichkeiten zu erfahren.
25 November 2022
Top 12 low-code automation tools for QA and more in 2024
Low-code tools are an increasingly popular trend in the IT industry. It’s been difficult to find enough capable non-Junior personnel over the last couple of years; sometimes, the budget for testing is low as well. Could low-code testing be the QA pill? Read on to see your options.
25 November 2022
TOP 4 Regeln für den Aufbau einer erfolgreichen Blockchain-Teststrategie
Der Hype um Blockchain-basierte Lösungen hat ganz plötzlich den Mainstream erreicht. Wenn Sie eine technisch komplexe Lösung haben, von der die Kunden aber erwarten, dass sie einfach funktioniert, ist eine gute Qualitätssicherung ein Muss. Lesen Sie weiter, um die wichtigsten Regeln von Blockchain-Anwendungstestszu erfahren.
27 October 2022
TOP 4 rules for building a successful blockchain testing strategy
The buzz around blockchain-based solutions spread over to the mainstream quite suddenly. When you have a technically complex solution that customers still expect to just work, good QA is a must. Read on to learn the key rules of blockchain application testing.
27 October 2022
UI-Tests: Ein umfassender Leitfaden
Das Testen der Benutzeroberfläche ist wohl der wirkungsvollste Typ des Testens, jedenfalls für B2C-Unternehmen. Es ist die Benutzeroberfläche, mit der Ihre Kunden interagieren, um Ihnen etwas Geld zu zahlen und/oder etwas Geld zu zahlen, um mit ihnen zu interagieren. Wie kann man sie bei Laune halten?
06 September 2022
UI Testing: A Comprehensive Guide
User interface testing is arguably the most impactful type of testing, certainly so for B2C companies. It’s the UI that your customers interact with to pay you some money and/or paid some money to interact with. Now, how do you keep them happy?
05 September 2022
Unit Testing: everything you need to know
Unit testing is the smallest yet one of the biggest types of software testing at the same time. Let’s look at why unit testing is important and what techniques can take it to the next level.
11 August 2022
How to choose the right beta testing tool?
The quality assurance market is full of beta testing tools. However, it is still unclear if there is a beta tool among them that would meet your needs. In this article, we analyse what should be the criteria for choosing the best solution if your team practices beta testing.
20 July 2022
Agiles Testen vs. Traditionelles Testen: Was soll man wählen?
Die Evolution ist ein Prozess, der alles in unserer Welt zum Besseren verändert und sich an die sich ständig ändernden Bedingungen anpasst, einschließlich Entwicklung und Qualitätssicherung.
14 July 2022
Agile testing vs traditional testing: what to choose?
Evolution is a process that changes everything in our world for the better and adapts to constantly changing conditions, including development and quality assurance.
14 July 2022
Wie erstellt man einen Software-Testplan?
Manche glauben, dass die Erstellung eines Software-Testplans ein Relikt der Vergangenheit ist. Schließlich lässt die moderne, auf Agile basierende, iterative Entwicklung wenig Raum für eine strenge Planung der laufenden Aktivitäten. Gehen wir der Frage nach, was ein Software-Testplan ist und wie Sie von ihm profitieren können.
06 June 2022
How to create a software test plan?
Some believe that making a test plan for software testing is a relic of the past. After all, modern Agile-based iterative development leaves little room for rigorous planning of current activities. Let’s dive into what a software test plan is and how you benefit from them.
06 June 2022
Why companies ditch Zephyr testing to adopt aqua
AI-powered aqua and Zephyr Enterprise provide management staff, development and test teams with the software they can rely on. However, choosing between two tools with approximately similar functionality is pretty challenging. Let's compare what features they have and what users say about them.
19 May 2022