How to choose the right beta testing tool
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December 11, 2023

How to choose the right beta testing tool?

The quality assurance market is full of beta testing tools. However, it is still unclear if there is a beta tool among them that would meet your needs. In this article, we analyse what should be the criteria for choosing the best solution if your team practices beta testing.

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Criteria for choosing Beta testing software

Project management

Beta testing most often involves testing with target users. Their selection may also vary depending on the type and complexity of the product being tested  there may be 2 people or maybe 100. In this case, to control the progress of testing, or rather testing each of the participants, a regular Google document will not be enough.

Add to this the contact information of the testers and the need to validate the received data, and as a result, we get chaotic information impossible for fast proceeding. This makes the functionality of beta management software one of the main priorities when you choose one of many testing tracking tools.


Some testers cannot submit their work without using third-party automatic software testing. In addition, test automation within the framework of such integrations can significantly increase the test coverage of the product, reduce the time for processing the received results and leave more time for manual tests where they are needed.


We have already mentioned that up to a hundred testers can be involved in beta testing, and therefore the number of tests carried out can increase exponentially. Now imagine that your tool cannot contain such a large amount of data. And testing can stop without even reaching the middle. Unfortunately, some system testing tools don’t offer free scalability. Our advice is to consider the presence of a beta testing platform, even on a paid basis.

Enhanced Reporting

Each project manager strives to squeeze as many useful insights as possible from the results learned during testing. This leads to the fact that reporting becomes almost the most important driver on the way to a successful product. And for many managers, the availability of custom reporting often becomes decisive when choosing the best tool.

Using of aqua tool for Beta testing

Among the variety of offers on the market, aqua meets all the criteria described above, but there are more good reasons why aqua is the best tool for beta testing.


aqua is a fairly affordable tool for many companies from small enterprises to huge corporations. Even with the purchase of the most basic package for €39, you get all the available features such as KPI alerts, agile boards, REST API, test automation, etc. 

Basic licence

Beta testing involves a certain number of testers, and unfortunately, this number is not always known in advance. This could be a complication because it is not known how many accesses will be required to use a single tool for all participants. But in the case of aqua, you can use the basic unlimited license under which you can conduct all the necessary tests and conduct the results free of charge.


Not all beta testers are full-fledged employees of the company. Some of them are outsourced. This means that it is not safe to give access to the whole project. It’s good that aqua has implemented advanced functionality for issuing access. You can always see who has access to which projects, view the history of their actions and, in case of precedents, revoke access or even remove them from the entire project.

Google Chrome extension

Using apps and browser add-ons is one of the most convenient ways to keep beta testing on track. And aqua is no exception. Through the Google Chrome extension, you can efficiently run tests and record their results without constantly switching between the aqua interface and the project under test.

Customisation upon request

Some companies go beyond the usual beta testing which requires special software. But even the most advanced tools may not have it. In this case, aqua is always ready to help. Many of our clients order separate functionality for their needs as part of the use of aqua for quality assurance. aqua developers are ready to create the necessary functions on special requests, thereby not limiting you in the choice of tools and testing methods.

Wrapping up

The main difficulty in beta testing is to create an environment as close to reality as possible — test scenarios must be accurate, and testers should be part of the target audience. But control over testing implementation is a much more delicate process than its organisation. It requires the help of a reliable UAT testing software capable of meeting all the requirements of both testers and project curators. 

And although not so many multi-tools on the market are ready to boast of being completely tailored for beta testing, the aqua functionality allows you to adapt the best practices of this approach.

Manage, plan and execute beta testing smoothly with aqua test management solution

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What are the beta testing tools?

Beta testing tools are solutions to run pre-release testing. It covers both the functionality and stability of software.

How is beta testing done?

A group of end-users are invited to assess a near-complete build of the software. They are then asked to report cases when the software fails to solve intended tasks due to bugs or even missing features. The software is then returned for bug fixes or handed over to the end-users. 

What are the principles of beta testing?

Bring a feature-complete product. Make sure there are no “Showstopper” issues that make it unusable. Pick the right end-user audience.

Why is beta testing important?

Beta testing is vital to validate the entire software development effort. All the work will be in vain unless you make sure that the end-users are satisfied with the software that they either commissioned or will be spending money on. 

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