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Sylwia's prowess in QA stems from her comprehensive understanding of enterprise ecosystems. As a Lead QA Expert, she has been instrumental in streamlining QA processes for numerous customers and users of aqua, guaranteeing consistent delivery of high-caliber results.

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How to Convert User Stories into Сomprehensive Test Scenarios
In software testing, have you ever struggled with turning user stories into effective test scenarios? We understand—it's a critical task that can feel exhausting, especially when you're aiming to achieve 100% requirement coverage while connecting all the pieces together clearly. Translating user stories into comprehensive test scenarios is key to ensuring nothing slips through the cracks, and it's a challenge you face often. Looking for a comprehensive guide with a step-by-step process and an ultimate solution in it? You are at the right address. This guide will walk you through the process of how to create test scenarios from user stories, helping you bridge the gap between user needs and technical implementation.
14 June 2024
How to Execute Parallel Testing Across Multiple Environments
In software development, ensuring efficiency and reliability across various environments is a significant challenge. So how can you streamline your testing processes to maintain high standards without compromising speed or quality? The answer lies in parallel test execution, enabling you to run multiple tests simultaneously across different environments, drastically reducing the time required for comprehensive testing. So how do you achieve this? Congratulations! Out of all the guides on the web on this topic, you’ve come across the most practical one (with a video explanation). So let’s start.
05 June 2024
How to Organize Test Cases for Ultimate Reusability: Best Ways
You’re facing a crucial software release deadline. In the moment's chaos, you realise you must test a feature you’ve previously worked on. And all of a sudden, boom. Your test cases are scattered across different folders with no clear organisation. Desperate to find relevant tests, you waste precious hours. Stress mounts, the deadline keeps getting closer, quality of the release is under attack! Want to calculate the consequences if you don’t find the necessary tests ever? Let’s not do it. Instead, in this guide, we will show you a solution to prevent this disastrous scenario from happening again.
20 May 2024
Streamlining QA Workflows in Enterprises: Everything You Need to Know
We get it: you work as a QA manager in an enterprise, and the expectations are too high. From day one, you've promised everything will be organised and executed perfectly. But as the days and weeks pass, you feel like there is still a lot to do to bring order and streamlined workflows, and, most importantly, you have no moment of peace. Sometimes, you feel like there is no end to this, and chaos is your new norm. But it should not be. This guide will teach you why you should not settle for mediocrity and start streamlining the QA workflow in an enterprise like never before.
16 April 2024
Security Testing in the AI Era: Opportunities and Threats
Security testing is becoming increasingly vital as more cyber threats emerge. According to the Ponemon Institute's Cost of a Data Breach Report, the global average cost to fix a data breach is around $4.24 million. While traditional security testing methods can be complicated, tedious, time-consuming and prone to human error, AI already offers a more efficient and reliable alternative. However, AI also has its benefits and threats. This article will teach you all the good, bad, and ugly about AI in security testing.
30 January 2024
8 Benefits of AI in Test Automation You Can’t Ignore Anymore
AI is changing everything; software testing is no exception to its transformative power. Automation, powered by AI, is reshaping the testing landscape, simplifying how we ensure quality. But how do you maximise the power of AI in test automation? Well, you are at the right place. This article is your guide to making testing simpler, offering eight undeniable benefits that will revolutionise your approach to testing, saving you time, effort, and headaches along the way.
27 December 2023
What is application testing? complete guide
There is a lot of sweat behind making apps perfectly react to your every touch and swipe, and the unsung hero is application testing. In today's ever-growing tech landscape, app testing has emerged as a non-negotiable step in delivering robust, reliable, and user-friendly software. So, whether you're a curious tech enthusiast or a seasoned QA specialist, sit close: we dive into the world of application testing.
08 August 2023
Maximising your security plan: expert advice on risk management for QA leads
Have you ever experienced a nightmare where you thought you had all the necessary security measures but still suffered from cyber-attacks? Even if you have not, you should look at a recent case of the ransomware attack at MSI, resulting in the loss of 1.5 terabytes of data, including source code, emphasising how critical maximising security plans is. The attack revealed the theft of Intel Boot Guard keys, which serve as a security layer for UEFI/BIOS firmware in countless PCs.
20 June 2023