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Chief Operating Officer at aqua, ex-tester
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As a former QA Automation Engineer, Kirill has a deep curiosity about how systems work and how they can be crushed. He kept this approach when switching to product management and later, top management at aqua. Automation and everything related to it is his biggest area of interest

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aqua vs Excel: why you should ditch the spreadsheets
Excel used to be the tool for test management. The sheer number of ways for cross-referencing values as well as macros helped formalize the QA workload. Testing with Excel, however, has a lot of drawbacks that modern test management solutions solve. Let’s compare Excel to one such tool — aqua.
April 2, 2022
aqua vs Micro Focus Quality Center: should you pay 50 times more?
Test management solutions are a great asset for better QA, but you get even more value out of application lifecycle management solutions. In this article, we will compare two such tools at very different price tags: aqua and Quality Center.
April 2, 2022
aqua ALM vs PractiTest — the best test management tool vs the best all-in-one tool
In this article, we are intending to review the difference between aqua ALM and PractiTest, two similar and very productive test management tools currently popular in the market.
April 2, 2022
aqua vs Qase: what you should pick for test management
There are certainly more test management tools than hours in the day to go through all of them. We’re here to help: this article compares aqua ALM and one of the newest test management tools — Qase.
April 2, 2022
Replacing Jira on-premises for QA testing purposes
Jira is probably one of the most popular proprietary issue tracking systems.
April 2, 2022