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EFL teacher turned content QA Specialist and talented writer, Denis has been working with European and American IT companies for 6 years. Denis has excelled in curating and implementing quality strategies tailored to the nuances of each project.
Other than building processes and typing away, you may find Denis cycling or playing Rocket League.

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Visual bug reporting: 8 benefits & 3 best tools
Software testing has come a long way in the past 30 years. Teams have gone from basic Excel spreadsheets to complex real-time collaborative test management solutions. Bug reporting is going through a similar evolution: using just text isn’t good enough. Let’s explore why and how you add media to your QA.
15 September 2023
Visuelle Fehlerberichte: 8 Vorteile und die 3 besten Tools
Das Testen von Software hat in den vergangenen 30 Jahren einen langen Weg zurückgelegt. Die Teams haben sich von einfachen Excel-Tabellen zu komplexen kollaborativen Echtzeit-Testmanagementlösungen entwickelt. Die Meldung von Fehlern macht eine ähnliche Entwicklung durch: Nur Text zu verwenden, ist nicht gut genug. Lassen Sie uns untersuchen, warum und wie Sie Medien in Ihre QS aufnehmen.
15 September 2023
Vier wesentliche Strategien zur Visualisierung der Testabdeckung
Testabdeckung ist ein zentrales Konzept beim Testen von Software. Es können sowohl zu viele als auch zu wenige Tests durchgeführt werden, sodass Metriken zur Anforderungsabdeckung ein guter Indikator dafür sind, ob man auf dem richtigen Weg ist. In diesem Artikel werden wir die Vorteile der Visualisierung Ihrer Abdeckung untersuchen und wichtige Taktiken zur Erreichung dessen aufzeigen.
04 September 2023
4 key strategies to visualise test coverage
Test coverage is a key concept in software testing. You can have both too many or too few tests, so requirements coverage metrics are a good indicator whether you’re on the right track. In this article, we will explore the benefits of visualising your coverage and key tactics to achieve it.
04 September 2023
Einhaltung gesetzlicher Vorschriften in der IT: 4 Strategien, um IT-Audits zu bestehen
Die Einhaltung von Vorschriften ist schwierig, und die Softwareentwicklung ist da keine Ausnahme. Sie sind nicht gesetzlich verpflichtet, fehlerfreie Software freizugeben, aber es gibt Gesetze und Vorschriften, die vorschreiben, wie Sie Software testen müssen, um Probleme zu minimieren. Wie können Sie die gesetzlichen Anforderungen erfüllen und gleichzeitig die Kosten in einem vernünftigen Rahmen halten? Lesen Sie weiter und finden Sie es heraus.
01 September 2023
Regulatory compliance in IT: 4 strategies to pass IT audits
Regulatory compliance is tough, and software development is no exception. You are not legally obligated to release bug-free software, but there are laws and regulations that dictate how you test software to minimise issues. How do you stay on top of regulatory demands while keeping the expenses reasonable? Read on to find out.
01 September 2023
Risk-based testing: benefits, real examples, and 4 mistakes to avoid
Software developers and testers have more things to do than they could possibly fit in their schedule. It only gets worse in large projects, and the cost of error is much higher. Risk-based testing (RBT) is one of the methods to prioritise the test suite and get the best output in the time you have. Read on to find arguments, real-life examples, and practical steps for risk-based software testing.
29 August 2023
The 5 best practices for managing requirements changes — and the tools to handle them
Requirements are designed to be created, locked in, and executed. Unfortunately, there are times when you have to make tweaks or even start something different from scratch. Let’s explore how you can still succeed through efficient requirements change management.
22 August 2023
Top 3 Kualitee alternatives that pass regulatory audits
Kualitee is a modern test management tool with a fresh look. However, limited scope and modest analytics may make you look for a Kualitee alternative. Let’s look at Kualitee in more detail before we consider alternatives.
11 August 2023
Top 3 Micro Focus Quality Center alternatives that do what it can’t
Micro Focus Quality Center has been a staple of quality assurance for almost three decades. It was a pioneer in 1995, but the dating feature set and convenience are just some reasons to look for Micro Focus alternatives now. Learn your key options below in less than 10 minutes.
10 August 2023
Top 4 PractiTest alternatives that do what it can’t
PractiTest is a popular and established test management solution that has been in the market for 15 years. The market, however, has never been more diverse with a number of old and new PractiTest alternatives. Let’s have a look at tools that may make you reconsider using or adopting PractiTest.
09 August 2023
Top 3 Qase alternatives to meet any scale
Qase is one of the latest test management solutions to enter the market. Despite competing with much more mature tool, it has gained a reputation for being a modern and sleek solution. But limited feature set and deployment models may make you seek Qase alternatives, and we are here to help.
08 August 2023
14 extremely useful Chrome extensions for developers
Hey, developers out there! We know what's bugging you daily: navigating complex codebases, optimising workflows, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. That's why we're here to lend a helping hand. Sometimes this overwhelming job can require 120% effort from you, so we bring you a handpicked selection of 14 game-changing Chrome extensions.
14 July 2023
BaFin keeps a close eye on the Insurance IT infrastructure — here is what you can do
It’s not just banks: the IT supervisors at BaFin have had their sights at the infrastructure of Insurance companies as well. While making banks step up their infrastructure or risk fines, BaFin are doing the same to insurance companies. Let’s explain what the extra attention from BaFin means for your insurance business and what options you have.
07 July 2023
Maximising your security plan: expert advice on risk management for QA leads
Have you ever experienced a nightmare where you thought you had all the necessary security measures but still suffered from cyber-attacks? Even if you have not, you should look at a recent case of the ransomware attack at MSI, resulting in the loss of 1.5 terabytes of data, including source code, emphasising how critical maximising security plans is. The attack revealed the theft of Intel Boot Guard keys, which serve as a security layer for UEFI/BIOS firmware in countless PCs.
20 June 2023
The essential 5 Coursera courses for software testers seeking excellence
In the exhilarating software testing world, where precision and skill determine the fate of digital products, you, the software testers, hold the key to unlocking innovation and ensuring impeccable quality. Whether you are a junior tester embarking on your testing journey or a seasoned professional seeking to reach new heights of the QA craft, this article is your gateway to a realm of knowledge and growth.
20 June 2023
6 tips to empower colleagues with development feedback
Software development is a field where you can work both hard and smart. Good feedback keeps the morale up and makes your teammates perform better. Let’s see how you can ascent to great feedback.
07 June 2023
6 best AI tools for UI/UX testing
Having a hard time delivering visually appealing, intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces that engage users and keep them returning? Creating a great user experience requires more than just designing a pretty interface - it is also testing to ensure the design meets users' needs. And this is where UX/UI testing tools with artificial intelligence come into play.
31 May 2023
aqua 23.46 release: New UI, Advanced Search, and AI Copilot improvements
We're excited to announce that the new aqua UI alongside powerful features have been released! We can’t wait to share the details with you, so let’s go straight to what has been changed or added.
10 May 2023
Vermeiden Sie mit 5 bewährten Verfahren Kopfschmerzen bei Lokalisierungstests
Lokalisierungstests sind für jede Branche ein heikles Thema. Ein kleiner Fehler kann Sie inkompetent erscheinen lassen oder potenzielle Kunden ernsthaft beleidigen. Lesen Sie weiter, um die Umsätze aus neuen Märkten zu maximieren und sie nicht zu veräußern.
10 May 2023
Avoid localisation testing headache with 5 best practices
Localisation testing is a sensitive topic for any industry. A small blunder can make you look incompetent or seriously offend potential clients. Read on to maximise the revenue from new markets and not alienate them.
10 May 2023
5 red flags in software testing process you should never ignore
Roman poet Juvenal would have certainly wondered,  “Who will test the testers themselves?”. Quality assurance verifies that the software works well, but is your testing running well? Read our list of common testing process mistakes and learn to overcome them.
05 May 2023
5 rote Fahnen im Softwaretestprozess, die Sie niemals ignorieren sollten
Der römische Dichter Juvenal hätte sich sicherlich gefragt: „Wer prüft die Prüfer?“ Die Qualitätssicherung prüft, ob die Software gut funktioniert. Aber funktionieren auch Ihre Tests? Lesen Sie unsere Liste der häufigsten Fehler im Testprozess und erfahren Sie, wie Sie diese vermeiden können.
05 May 2023
6 most common vulnerabilities found during penetration testing
According to a new report by Juniper Research, over 33 billion records will be stolen as a result of cyberattacks by 2023. Because of the increasing cyberattacks, penetration testing is no longer an option but a necessity – especially for any business handling data, gathering financial details, or establishing personal intellectual property.
02 May 2023
5 KI-Managementtools für Anforderungen, die Sie nicht ignorieren können
KI-Anforderungsmanagement ist ein wichtiger Ansatz, wenn Sie Ihren Workflow aktiv verbessern wollen. Wenn KI die Entwicklung und das Testen verbessert, warum sollte sie dann nicht auch auf die entsprechenden Anforderungen angewendet werden? Informieren Sie sich über die besten Lösungen hier.
31 March 2023
5 AI requirements management tools you can’t ignore
AI requirements management is a natural avenue to explore when you actively improve your workflow. If AI makes development and testing better, why not apply it to requirements that drive them? Read up on the best solutions below.
31 March 2023
3 AI testing tools that Enterprise companies can’t ignore in 2023
Artificial intelligence got mainstream again in December 2022. Enterprise AI testing software, however, has been on the market for years. Let’s look at 3 distinctive solutions that will give your software people an ample boost in productivity.
30 March 2023
Tägliche Standup-Meetings in QS-Teams: Brauchen Sie diese?
Ein separates tägliches Standup-Meeting in QS-Teams mag lächerlich klingen, aber agile Praktiken haben sich längst über Softwareentwickler hinaus verbreitet. Allerdings glaube ich, dass es einen anderen Weg gibt, die Leistung der Testpersonen zu verbessern, als sie dazu zu bringen, jeden Tag miteinander zu reden.
28 March 2023
Daily standups in QA teams: Do you need them?
A separate daily standup in QA teams may sound ludicrous but Agile practices have long spread beyond software developers. I, however, believe that there is a different way to improve the testers’ output than making them talk to each other every day.
28 March 2023
February 2023 aqua update: Preview tickets, new toasts messages & more
We're excited to announce several new features and improvements to aqua that will enhance your experience and make your workflow smoother. Here are the latest updates:
17 March 2023
The only checklist you will need to launch a website in 2023
Publishing a website can be a daunting prospect. The job doesn’t end here either: you will need to do some work after finally pressing the button as well. Fear not: we got you covered with the ultimate website launch checklist.
16 March 2023
Release management: How to not get it wrong
Release management is an essential part of the modern product lifecycle. Even small teams can’t handle the chaos of managed releases, let alone companies in regulated industries. Things still can go wrong — so how do you set up the release management process flow?
15 February 2023
The best software QA and testing conferences of 2023-2024
Now that the pandemic is subsiding, the community has an amazing mix of offline and online software testing conferences. In this article, we will cover some upcoming events in Europe and beyond.
10 February 2023
Why does open-source matter for developers?
Most people are largely oblivious to how hard open-source development carries the tech world — and thus the world. There are, however, potential billion-wiping drawbacks to relying on such public solutions. Read on to see if your company can accommodate open-source benefits while avoiding pitfalls.
09 February 2023
5 best practices for establishing a performance testing strategy
Testing of any scale and any type needs a plan. If you want to assess the real-life behaviour of your software, you will have to come up with a smart performance test strategy. Read on to find time-saving recommendations and avoid time-consuming pitfalls.
03 February 2023
5 bewährte Verfahren für die Entwicklung einer Leistungsteststrategie
Tests jeder Größenordnung und jeder Art brauchen einen Plan. Wenn Sie das Verhalten Ihrer Software in der Praxis beurteilen wollen, müssen Sie eine intelligente Strategie für Leistungstests entwickeln. Lesen Sie weiter, um zeitsparende Empfehlungen zu erhalten und zeitraubende Fallstricke zu vermeiden.
03 February 2023
Die 10 wichtigsten Trends beim agilen Testen im Jahr 2023
Das Jahr 2022 liegt fast hinter uns und wir kommen nicht drum herum, die Kristallkugel hervorzuholen und einen Blick auf die zukünftigen Trends im agilen Testverfahren zu werfen. Welcher Trend wird im Jahr 2023 den Ausschlag für oder gegen Ihre Technologie-Teams geben? Zeichnet sich etwas ab, das sich in späteren Jahren auswirken wird? Lesen Sie weiter und finden Sie es heraus.
12 January 2023
Top 10 Agile testing trends in 2023
With 2022 almost behind us, we can’t help but pull out an educated crystal ball and look into future trends in the Agile testing process. What one trend will make or break your tech teams in 2023? Is there something emerging that will show an impact in later years? Read on to find out.
12 January 2023
Top 10 QA management problems and their solution
Quality Assurance is a nuanced and developing area that can’t be neglected. The more advanced and feature-rich your product is, the more potential points of failure you need to look out. Let’s look at some of the key test management pitfalls so that your product does not have to stare down at them.
03 January 2023
aqua’s Jahresrückblick: Unsere Highlights 2022 und Pläne für das nächste Jahr
Wenn es etwas gibt, wofür das Jahr 2022 gut war, dann ist es sicherlich aqua. Wir haben eine sehr interessante Erweiterung für aqua herausgebracht, großartige Verbesserungen an bestehenden Funktionen vorgenommen und den Grundstein für einige sehr interessante Funktionen gelegt. Im Folgenden erfahren Sie, was wir im Jahr 2022 getan haben und was dies für das nächste Jahr bedeutet.
30 December 2022
aqua’s year in review: our 2022 highlights and plans for next year
If there’s something that 2022 was good for, it’s certainly aqua. We released a very exciting extension to aqua, made great improvements to existing functionality, and laid the groundwork for some very exciting functionality. Here’s what we’ve done in 2022 and what it means for the next year.
30 December 2022
Top 10 tools for AI-based test automation
AI-powered test automation tools are the market niche to follow. They take test automation to the next level but also help you save time in areas beyond regular automated QA. Let’s look at the exciting and variable landscape of the best AI-powered solutions.
30 December 2022
Was QS-Manager über Testwerkzeuge mit KI wissen müssen
Die Unternehmen behaupten immer wieder, sie hätten eine Lösung für Künstliche Intelligenz, ohne dass diese tatsächlich genutzt wird. Das wird sich auch in nächster Zeit nicht ändern, aber KI ist in der Softwareentwicklung und -qualitätssicherung schon sehr präsent. Lesen Sie weiter, um die Vorteile und Fallstricke von KI-Testtools für QS-Manager zu erfahren.
29 December 2022
What QA Managers need to know about testing tools with AI
Companies keep claiming they have an artificial intelligence solution without any actual functionality that uses it. While that won’t change any time soon, AI is very much a thing when it comes to software development and quality assurance. Keep reading to find out the benefits and pitfalls of AI testing tools for QA managers.
29 December 2022
Top 12 low-code automation tools for QA and more in 2023
Low-code tools are an increasingly popular trend in the IT industry. It’s been difficult to find enough capable non-Junior personnel over the last couple of years; sometimes, the budget for testing is low as well. Could low-code testing be the QA pill? Read on to see your options.
25 November 2022
Hier 10 Fehler, die Sie bei der Auswahl eines Mobile Test Automation Frameworks machen können
Bei der Entwicklung für iOS oder Android ist es äußerst wichtig, ein Framework für die Automatisierung mobiler Tests zu wählen, das am besten zu Ihrer Lösung passt. Bei der mobilen Entwicklung gibt es einfach zu viele verschiedene Konfigurationen, um alles manuell zu testen. Hier finden Sie Tipps, die Ihnen dabei helfen, die automatisierte Qualitätssicherung in den Griff zu bekommen und das gesamte Projekt nicht entgleisen zu lassen.
22 November 2022
10 mistakes you can make while choosing a mobile test automation framework
When developing for iOS or Android, it is extremely important to choose a mobile test automation framework that suits your solution best. Mobile development simply has too many variations in configurations to test everything manually. Read to find tips that will help you nail automated QA and not let it derail the entire project.
22 November 2022
aqua vs Polarion: which ALM to choose as SMB or Enterprise company?
Test management tools are neat, but many companies go all the way and organise their entire product development effort in a single solution. They use Application Lifecycle Management software, and we will be diving into what aqua and Polarion have to offer here.
11 November 2022
Implementing mentorship in a QA team: best practices and common mistakes
Mentorship in testing is a tricky subject. Much like in software development, the most valuable experience comes from doing things and making mistakes, not reading about them. What you shouldn’t do is make mistakes when setting up a mentorship programme. Read the article to learn and avoid some common pitfalls.
09 November 2022
Wie man als Testmanager effektiv kommuniziert
„Hard Skills“ sind in der Software-Qualitätssicherung sehr wichtig, aber es sind die Kommunikationsfähigkeiten der QS-Managers, die oft das Ergebnis beeinflussen. Werden die Entwickler in der Lage sein, alle wichtigen Fehler zu reproduzieren? Ist sich das Management bewusst, wie wichtig es ist, wichtige Probleme vor der Veröffentlichung zu beheben? Hier finden Sie Tipps, die all diese Zweifel ausräumen.
07 November 2022
How to communicate effectively as a Test Manager
Hard skills are very important in software QA, but it is the communication skills of QA managers that often affect the outcome. Will the developers be able to replicate all key defects? Does the management realise the importance of fixing key issues before the release? Read to find tips that will shoot down all these doubts.
07 November 2022
TOP 4 rules for building a successful blockchain testing strategy
The buzz around blockchain-based solutions spread over to the mainstream quite suddenly. When you have a technically complex solution that customers still expect to just work, good QA is a must. Read on to learn the key rules of blockchain application testing.
27 October 2022
How to build a successful QA team from scratch?
Good quality assurance starts with foundation, and you usually start with building a QA team. It may be trivial if you simply move people from another project, but what if it is a completely new effort? Read on to learn how to build a successful QA team.
24 October 2022
Time estimation in QA: best practices of 5 different senior testers
Albert Einstein was ahead of time in many ways when he proclaimed that time is relative. Indeed, product development (including QA) is where one hour can be more like two or three hours. We asked 5 senior testers how they make realistic estimates so you can do that too.
12 October 2022
Testing Strategy: what is it & how to build one?
There’s no end to testing, but you have to draw the line somewhere. You do that with a software testing strategy outlining your team’s approach to quality assurance. Read on to find out about types of testing strategies and learn what makes a good one.
11 October 2022
Scrum im agilen Testen: 10 Tipps, die tatsächlich funktionieren
Fällt es Ihnen schwer, Ihre Qualitätssicherung mit dem Tempo und den Arbeitsabläufen Ihrer Entwicklung in Einklang zu bringen? Lesen Sie weiter, um praktische Einblicke in Scrum in Agile Testing von den weltweit führenden Unternehmen zu erhalten und Ihre Softwarebereitstellung 4 x schneller zu machen.
28 September 2022
Scrum in Agile testing: 10 tips that actually work
Are you struggling to make your QA match the pace and workflows of your development? Read on to get practical Scrum in Agile testing insights from the world’s leading companies and make your software delivery 4 times as fast.
28 September 2022
UI Testing: A Comprehensive Guide
User interface testing is arguably the most impactful type of testing, certainly so for B2C companies. It’s the UI that your customers interact with to pay you some money and/or paid some money to interact with. Now, how do you keep them happy?
05 September 2022
12 best tools for performance testing
In the fast-paced age we live in, slow or crumbling websites and applications often mean a loss of revenue for the business. You prevent that by performance testing, so let’s take a look at the best tools for it.
05 September 2022
12 beste Tools für Leistungstests
In der schnelllebigen Zeit, in der wir leben, bedeuten langsame oder bröckelnde Websites und Anwendungen oft einen Umsatzverlust für das Unternehmen. Sie verhindern das durch Leistungstests, also werfen wir einen Blick auf die besten Tools dafür.
05 September 2022
What Is CRM Testing?
In modern business, 91% of companies with 10 or more employees use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software — a tool that efficiently manages customer data and customer relationships. However, the efficiency of this tool needs to be tested. What are the techniques used in CRM performance testing? And why is CRM testing essential for your business?
19 August 2022
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing: A Detailed Explanation
Artificial Intelligence has become a tiresome buzzword; for better or worse, it actually works. AI methods allow companies to do things faster and with higher precision — and you just love to see both in software testing. Now, where do you begin?
16 August 2022
Unit Testing: everything you need to know
Unit testing is the smallest yet one of the biggest types of software testing at the same time. Let’s look at why unit testing is important and what techniques can take it to the next level.
11 August 2022
What is Usability Testing?
Software projects don't always end up being a success. According to the annual CHAOS report by Standish Group, out of a total of 50,000 projects globally, only one out of three succeed. How do you join their ranks? Simple: invest in usability testing.
05 August 2022
Beste Testmanagement-Software für regulierte Branchen
Softwaretests in regulierten Branchen sind eine heikle Angelegenheit. Auch wenn Ihre QS-Spezialisten nicht direkt Kundendaten verarbeiten, erfordert ihre Arbeit eine zusätzliche Sicherheitsebene. In diesem Artikel stellen wir Ihnen die besten Tools vor, die diese Sicherheit bieten.
18 July 2022
What is Application Performance Monitoring (APM)?
Application performance monitoring (APM) brings engineering into software engineering. It spots the strong and weak points of your solution on both technical and conceptual levels. But what is APM’s value and how do you achieve it?
04 July 2022
Top 5 Testmanagement-Lösungen für Versicherungen
Qualitätssicherung im Versicherungswesen ist aus mehreren Gründen ein heikles Thema. Die Gewinnspannen sind sehr gering. Jegliche Nachlässigkeit auf technischer Seite bedeutet eine potenzielle rechtliche Haftung. Werfen wir einen Blick auf die Instrumente, mit denen Sie die Qualitätssicherung durchführen können, um dies zu vermeiden.
07 June 2022
Top 5 test management solutions for Insurance
Quality Assurance in insurance is a delicate subject for more reasons than one. You operate on pretty slim margins. Any and all negligence on the technical part is potential legal liability. Let’s look at the tools that help you run quality assurance to avoid it.
07 June 2022
Wie erstellt man einen Software-Testplan?
Manche glauben, dass die Erstellung eines Software-Testplans ein Relikt der Vergangenheit ist. Schließlich lässt die moderne, auf Agile basierende, iterative Entwicklung wenig Raum für eine strenge Planung der laufenden Aktivitäten. Gehen wir der Frage nach, was ein Software-Testplan ist und wie Sie von ihm profitieren können.
06 June 2022
How to create a software test plan?
Some believe that making a test plan for software testing is a relic of the past. After all, modern Agile-based iterative development leaves little room for rigorous planning of current activities. Let’s dive into what a software test plan is and how you benefit from them.
06 June 2022
10 Vorteile eines Test Case Management-Tools im Vergleich zu Excel
Gegen Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts war es noch üblich mit Excel zu testen. Heutzutage benutzen die meisten neuen Unternehmen von vornherein eine Testmanagement-Lösung, während größere Unternehmen schon lange gewechselt haben. Hier die Vorteile der Verwendung eines Testmanagement-Tools anstelle von Excel.
30 May 2022
10 benefits of using test case management tool instead of Excel
Testing with Excel used to be the thing back in the 2000s. These days, most new companies go straight to a test management solution while giant enterprises have long switched to them. Let’s see the benefits of using a test management tool instead of Excel.
30 May 2022
Warum Unternehmen von Excel zu aqua Testmanagement wechseln
Excel wird als das Tool für das Testmanagement eingesetzt. Tests mit Excel haben jedoch eine Vielzahl von Nachteilen, die moderne Testmanagementlösungen beheben. Vergleichen wir Excel mit aqua, einem dieser Tools.
26 May 2022
Why companies switch from Excel to aqua test management
Excel used to be the tool for test management. The sheer number of ways for cross-referencing values as well as macros helped formalize the QA workload. Testing with Excel, however, has a lot of drawbacks that modern test management solutions solve. Let’s compare Excel to one such tool — aqua.
26 May 2022
Why companies expand from Xray testing to aqua
Test management solutions are not necessarily standalone solutions. Some can be complementing other tools, such as Jira. Let’s see how one such Jira addon, Xray, fares against the standalone solution aqua.
23 May 2022
Warum Unternehmen von Xray auf aqua umsteigen
Testmanagementlösungen sind nicht unbedingt eigenständige Lösungen. Einige können andere Tools, wie z. B. Jira, ergänzen. Schauen wir uns an wie die Jira Ergänzung Xray im Vergleich zur eigenständigen Lösung aqua abschneidet.
23 May 2022
aqua vs. Micro Focus Quality Center: Wie Unternehmen nicht mehr den 50-fachen Preis zahlen
Testmanagement-Lösungen sind eine große Bereicherung für eine bessere Qualitätssicherung, aber Sie können noch mehr Nutzen aus Lösungen für das Application Lifecycle Management ziehen. Hier ist ein Vergleich von aqua und Micro Focus Quality Center, zwei Tools zu sehr unterschiedlichen Preisen.
20 May 2022
aqua vs Micro Focus Quality Center: how companies stop paying 50 times the price
Test management solutions are a great asset for better QA, but you get even more value out of application lifecycle management solutions. Here is a comparison of aqua and Micro Focus Quality Center, two tools at very different prices.
20 May 2022
Test automation tools: why, where, how
Test automation used to be a controversial topic: some engineers believed that they were not worth the effort. Indeed, automated software testing requires both developing specific tests and adjusting your routine to fit them. These days, running full manual is simply not sustainable in the long run. Let’s look at why and how you can make the transition.
18 May 2022
Testautomatisierungstools: warum, wo, wie
Testautomatisierung war früher ein kontroverses Thema: Anfangs waren viele Ingenieure der Meinung, dass sich der Aufwand nicht lohnt. Heutzutage ist es auf Dauer einfach nicht mehr tragbar, den Betrieb vollständig manuell zu führen.
18 May 2022
Warum Unternehmen von Kualitee auf aqua umsteigen
Es gibt viel zu viele Testmanagement-Lösungen. Einige gehen sogar über das reine Testen hinaus und ermöglichen es Ihnen, sowohl die Entwicklung als auch die Qualitätssicherung mit demselben Testwerkzeug Software durchzuführen. In diesem Artikel werden wir zwei solcher Lösungen vergleichen: KI-gestütztes aqua und Kualitee.
03 May 2022
Why companies move away from Kualitee to aqua
Test management solutions are far too many. Some even go further than just testing and enable you to do both development and QA in the same testing software tool. In this article, we will compare two such solutions: AI-powered aqua and Kualitee.
03 May 2022
Best test management software for regulated industries
Software testing in regulated industries is a delicate matter. Even if your QA specialists don’t interact with real client data, their work requires an extra layer of security. In this article, we will look at the best tools that deliver it.
02 May 2022
Why Enterprise companies pick aqua over Qase
There are certainly more test management tools than hours in the day to go through all of them. We’re here to help: this article compares AI-powered aqua TMS and one of the newest test management tools — Qase.
28 April 2022
How to prepare your QA team for test automation
Whether it’s extra efficiency or the sheer size of the project, manual testing can’t always be your only option. But how do you prepare QA team for test automation? Let’s find out.
22 April 2022
Woher wissen wir, wann wir unsere Tests beenden sollten?
Die Software-Qualitätssicherung strebt nach Perfektion, aber sie zu erreichen ist nicht nur kaum möglich, sondern selten machbar. Also, wann hört man eine Software-Testing auf? Finden Sie heraus und erhalten Sie eine Checkliste unten
22 April 2022
How to know when we should stop our testing?
Software QA strives for perfection, but reaching it is not just hardly possible, but rarely feasible. So when to stop software testing? Find out and even get a checklist below.
22 April 2022
Top 5 test management solutions for Banking
Quality Assurance in Banking is a tricky matter. Releasing without major bugs is not a competitive advantage, but a regulatory requirement. Not every general-purpose test management vendor fits them, so finding good software is that much harder.
22 April 2022
5 considerations you need to take when picking a test management solution
There are many test management solutions, and they share essential functionality.
24 December 2021